Daily Archives: Feb. 5, 2014

Lists, lists, lists

Back for more lists after shopping for a new iPhone today. I lost mine.

Reasons to love an iPhone

1. Downloading apps. There’s a strange sense of empowerment.

2. Consistently feeling stupid. This coincides with every other facet of my life.

3. The camera on the iPhone 5s. They tell me it’s spectacular.

4. Keeping track of the stock market. Even though I have no money.

5. Losing one in a snow drift, as I apparently did today.

Five old-time players who should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame

1. Ted Simmons

2. Tommy John

3. Jim Kaat

4. Gil Hodges

5. Ken Boyer

My All-Missouri Valley Conference first team

1. Fred VanVleet

2. Cleanthony Early

3. Ron Baker

4. D.J. Balentine

5. Jarmar Gulley

Five reasons I don’t like snow

1. The streets get all mucked up.

2. My driveway gets all mucked up.

3. School gets canceled and people go stir crazy.

4. High school basketball games are postponed, something I loathed when I was covering high school basketball.

5. It’s so cold.

Five favorite Jackson Browne songs

1. Doctor My Eyes

2. Running on Empty

3. Somebody’s Baby

4. The Load Out/Stay

5. Here Comes the Thunder

Five favorite national television news anchors

1. Walter Cronkite

2. David Brinkley

3. Chet Huntley

4. Tom Brokaw

5. Dan Rather

Favorite Beatles (in order)

1. John

2. Paul

3. George

4. Ringo

10 favorite Jack Nicholson movies

1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

2. The Shining

3. The Departed

4. A Few Good Men

5. Batman

6. Terms of Endearment

7. Easy Rider

8. As Good As It Gets

9. Chinatown

10. About Schmidt

Six numbers I’d pick to win the lottery

1. 4

2. 7

3. 15

4. 18

5. 22

6. 31