Daily Archives: Jan. 8, 2014

Lists, lists, lists

Five most surprising vote totals of today’s Baseball Hall of Fame vote.

1. Greg Maddux falling 16 votes of being a unanimous selection. Nobody has ever been voted in unanimously. Not Ruth. Not Williams. Not Gehrig. Not Mays. Nobody. Still, it always looks ridiculous when this many people refuse to vote in a player who obviously belongs.

2. Remember when Rafael Palmeiro adamantly denied to Congress that he had used performance enhancing drugs? So do the HOF voters, obviously, because just 4.4 percent of them cast a ballot for Palmeiro, whose numbers are first-ballot worthy.

3. Curt Schilling. I’m not surprised he didn’t get the necessary votes. But I am surprised only 29.2 percent went for him. He deserved better. Look at the guy’s postseason record. And I put a lot of HOF stock in how a player performs in the biggest games.

4. Lee Smith. How can a guy with 478 career saves and a 3.03 ERA drop by 101 votes? There were a lot of players on the ballot this year and Smith paid that price more than anyone else.

5. Tim Raines. Maybe another time, Tim. You have HOF cred but a lot of work to do on the ballot.

Top five reasons to love the television show Justified

Timothy Oliphant as Raylan Givens, one of the great television characters.

Timothy Oliphant as Raylan Givens, one of the great television characters.

1. Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens.

2. Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder.

3. The depiction of Kentucky moonshiners and drug dealers.

4. The show’s theme song, Long Hard Times to Come, performed by Gangstagrass and featuring T.O.N.E.z

5. Gratuitous violence. And some that’s not.

Sports I really don’t have much time to follow

1. MLS. Chances are there will never be enough time for me to follow.

2. NHL. It’s a legit sport and I appreciate the skill required. But it’s not on my list.

3. NBA. I have watched four or five games this season. But I don’t make a date with the NBA until the playoffs. Then I watch a lot.

4. PGA. I’m a golf lover. And when the majors roll around, I’ll be there. But right now, golf is a luxury I can’t get to. And that doesn’t make me happy.

5. College football bowl games. I watched three this year. Texas A&M-Duke, Oklahoma-Alabama, Florida State-Auburn.

Favorite times of the year

1. March/April – The start of baseball season, the winding down of college basketball season, the Masters, my birthday.

2. Christmas – Always fun, especially now with a big family.

3. October – Playoff baseball. Thankfully, the St. Louis Cardinals have been a frequent guest in recent years. I hope it continues, although it’s exasperating.

4. July 4 – I just love the summerish-ness of this day.

5. November through January – The best movies of the year usually come out in this time frame. And it’s a time when I generally have more time to go to movies.