The NFL fires away

The day after the end of the NFL’s regular season is always such a joy, isn’t it?

Four coaches have been axed today and one, Cleveland’s Rob Chudzinski, didn’t even make it to Monday after the Browns lost their final game after having

Former Cleveland Browns coach Rob Chudzinski.

Former Cleveland Browns coach Rob Chudzinski.

lost a bunch of games before that.

Chudzinski didn’t even last a full year with the Browns, who seemed ecstatic to give him his first chance as a head coach on Jan. 11. OF THIS YEAR!

“I believe we came back with the best person to lead the Cleveland Browns to the kind of winning format that we want to have in Cleveland and we all expect to have,” owner Jimmy Haslam said on the day of Chudzinski’s hiring.

Haslam had a different tone in announcing the firing to reporters Sunday night.

“If you reflect back to the last time I spoke with you all in a public manner, it was the opening day of camp,” Haslam said. “You all asked the predictable question of what will be a good year. … What we would say is that it was really important that we showed improvement during the course of the season. Specifically, we talked about being better in the last three games than the first three games.

“There was a feeling that we were not getting better. Yes, we had a young team. But as we reflected on it, a young team should get better. We simply did not feel that was happening.”

Sounds like the kind of owner we’d all like to work for, huh?

Hiring Chudzinski was obviously a risk. But Haslem allowed no time to see if there could be a reward.

How is Cleveland supposed to get better with the kind of personnel the Browns put on the field? Cleveland has no quarterback, which forced Chudzinski to play mix and match for most of the season.

The team’s best player, wide receiver Josh Gordon, often acts like he wants out of town. And who could blame him?

I don’t know the Browns. I don’t follow the Browns closely. Maybe Chudzinski had lost control of his team. Maybe he was in over his head. Maybe he was clueless.

But from the reaction of some anonymous players, it doesn’t sound like this firing went over well.

We are so dysfunctional,” one anonymous player told Michael Silver of “These billionaires need to pick somebody and stay with them. These aren’t girlfriends…”

Another player told Silver that the Browns organization “was a joke.”

Of course we all know that. Still, it’s shocking to read those words coming from a player.

Browns fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL. They have no other choice, really.

Since a playoff appearance in 2002, the Browns are 56-120. Only Oakland and Detroit have been worse.

Chudzinski was seen as the coach who could change Cleveland’s ways. He was the team’s offensive coordinator in 2007, when the Browns were 10-6 and just missed the playoffs.

Coming back to Cleveland was his dream come true.

But seven consecutive losses to finish the season were his undoing. And the Browns again are in the market for a coach.

They’ll find one. Surely, someone is desperate enough to take this job.