Lists, lists, lists

Hey, everybody. The holidays are near and I’ll be on vacation again next week (I use it because I have it). But I’ll be back on Dec. 30 and will be working through April.

Let’s knock out another lists blog, shall we?

Top 5 places I want to visit

1. Montana (the vastness of the state appeals to me for some reason)

2. Austrailia

3. Seattle/Calgary (The Pacific Northwest has mostly eluded me)

4. Dodge City (I used to go almost every year, but it’s been a long time and I miss it)

5. Myrtle Beach/Hilton Head, S.C. (Golf vacation. This one needs to happen soon.)

Five who have made me laugh the most

1. Don Rickles

2. Tim Conway

3. Johnny Carson

4. Richard Pryor

5. Foster Brooks (I was a fan of the Dean Martin roasts in the day)

Least favorite school subjects

1. Geometry

2. Chemistry

3. Art

4. Biology

5. Spanish

(Ed. note: As you can probably tell, I’m not very smart).

10 great Beach Boys songs (they’re in Wichita on Thursday night, you know)

10. Caroline, No

9. Help Me Rhonda

8. Barbra Ann

7. Sloop John B

6. God Only Knows

5. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

4. Wouldn’t It Be Nice

3. I Get Around

2. California Girls

1. Good Vibrations

Five radio shows I enjoyed

1. Don Imus

2. Phil Hendry (made me laugh out loud a lot)

3. Art Bell (I drive late at night frequently coming home from games)

4. Larry King (old school)

5. Don and Mike

Favorite flavors

1. Strawberry

2. Cherry

3. Orange

4. Lemon

5. Caramel