Lists, lists, lists

Hi again. It’s a frigid Wednesday. And because it’s frigid, there is almost a moral obligation, it seems, to make mention of that fact.

We do love to talk about the weather, don’t we?

So I’ll start today’s group of lists with this one:

Five favorite weather events

1. A nice, spring rainstorm.

2. A cool night breeze.

3. Summer thunderstorm with the inherent very dark clouds.

4. A dusting of snow. Not too much now.

5. The first cooler day after a long, hot summer.

Five things about my youth

1. I grew my hair long as a teenager despite the ardent disapproval of both of my parents.

2. I loved the challenge of pitching. Me against the batter. Loved it.

3. I sucked at art. All aspects of art.

4. Me and my great friend, Wayne Gifford, should have been kicked out of school for the things we did as eighth graders.

5. I loved playing army in the neighborhood.

Five best things about growing up in Derby

1. My first baseball team was named the Red Dots.

2. Seeing and hearing B-52s as they flew overhead.

3. Pete’s Taco Time.

4. Living a half block from Pleasantview Elementary.

5. Dairy Queen, where I had my first job.

Five favorite quarterbacks

1. Joe Montana

2. Kurt Warner

3. Tom Brady

4. Drew Brees

5. Jim Hart (the old St. Louis Cardinals, what can I say?

Five regrets (without getting too personal)

1. Not knowing how to speak Spanish, despite 15 hours of college credit.

2. Not being able to play the guitar.

3. Not paying more attention to playing defense in basketball.

4. Not liking tomatoes.

5. Not being in high school choir (I didn’t think it was cool. Now I know it would have been the coolest).

Five cars I have owned

1. Ford Pinto

2. Chevy Monte Carlo (bought brand new in 1976, my shining moment)

3. Chevy van (I can’t remember the model, but we drove it to Los Angeles in 1984)

4. Chrysler 300M

5. Nissan Maxima

(Ed. note: I also owned a couple of Ford Tauruses).

Five Favorite Three Dog Night songs

1. Never Been to Spain

2. Chest Fever

3. Mama Told Me (Not to Come)

4. Joy to the World

5. Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

Five favorite rides at Joyland

1. Roller coaster

2. Wacky shack

3. Bumper cars

4. Tilt-A-Whirl

5. Scrambler

(Ed. Note: I also liked the train. But I would never tell any of my friends).