Lists, lists, lists

Hey everyone, it’s list Wednesday. And with Thanksgiving just a few hours away, let’s start out with my top five favorite holidays. Seems appropriate, don’t you think?

1. Christmas. I believed in Santa Claus until I was 27. I was also upset when a present I was given as a kid didn’t match what I thought the package it was wrapped in looked like. Yes I don’t remember a single present I received when I was 10 and under. I’m sure I played with them for a few days then stuck them in the back of the closet.

2. Thanksgiving. My mother was a great cook and she always did the entire meal by herself. I think my dad might have chipped in with the gravy from time to time. My memories of Thanksgiving as a kid are watching football with my dad and enjoying the interesting aroma of TV Guide back in the day, when it was a smaller magazine. The paper used produced a smell unlike any other and I loved it. So I walked around often smelling the TV Guide. I confess to being a rather strange child.

3. Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure why Valentine’s Day makes my list. I’m not particularly romantic, despite what my wife would tell you. I do like the smell of roses. And what I’m finding out as I produce my top holidays list is that I’m very much about smell.

4. New Year’s Eve. Not that I remember any New Year’s Eve from 1973 through 2008. But I’m sure I had a blast.

5. Memorial Day. It’s a great day to reflect. And to smell. In late May my sinuses are always clear as a bell.

Favorite sports

1. Baseball

2. Basketball

3. Football

4. Golf

5. Track and field

Favorite Wichita State basketball players

1. Dave Stallworth

2. Warren Armstrong (Jabali)

3. Jamie Thompson

4. Cal Bruton

5. Cheese Johnston

(Note: I ceased being a Wichita State basketball fan in the late 1970s because of my work as a journalist. Journalists, as you know, cannot be fans. Fans cannot be journalists. It’s in the constitution.)

Favorite vacations

1. Pittsburgh-Gettysburg – My wife and I drove this one and were blown away by the Civil War history in Gettysburg and PNC Park in Pittsburgh, where we saw the Cardinals win two games against the Pirates.

2. Dublin, Ireland – To see the Eagles in 2009 with my friend, Doug Baber.

3. Washington, D.C. – I took my son in the early 1990s so that he could be exposed to the nation’s capital (that doesn’t sound right, there’s a better way to put that).

4. Deadwood, S.D. – My friend, Doug, and I intended to travel throughout the northwestern part of the United States. But we arrived in Deadwood in 2007 and didn’t leave.

5. Louisville-St. Louis – This summer, we went to Louisville to see the first show on the Eagles’ History of the Eagles tour. Sandwiched around that experience were two Cardinals games in St. Louis.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family. I hope some of you will get out to Towne East Square on Thanksgiving Night (8 p.m.-1 a.m.) and Black Friday (5 a.m.-1 p.m.) to visit our League 42 booth as we’ll be signing up families and kids for our new baseball league for Wichita’s inner-city kids. I’ll return with the blog on Friday. Take care.