Daily Archives: Nov. 20, 2013

Lists, lists, lists


Folks on Facebook are posting things about themselves. This certainly comes as no surprise; it’s what many of us do on Facebook.

The fad now is to post things about yourself that people don’t know. And I must admit, with some shame, that I have read a lot of those lists. I guess I’m just interested. Or nosy.

In honor of Facebook, and in honor of “Lists, lists, lists” Wednesday, I’ll list five things you probably don’t know about me.

1. I’ve started slicking back my hair lately. With product. From a hair salon. No, it’s not because of the new post-game videos I’m doing with Wichita State beat writer Paul Suellentrop on Kansas.com after Shocker basketball games. But it’s noticeable enough that Gregg Marshall, who also uses product to make his hair look good, has made mention. So I guess there’s a slicked-back-hair men’s club out there that I never knew about. I’m happy to be a member.

2. I drive every mile of every trip I take. At least 99 percent of the miles. Is it a control thing? Is it a fear thing? Is it an obsession thing? I don’t know, but my wife always offers to take the wheel and I always politely turn her down. Same with almost everyone else. If I’m tired and it’s late at night and there are multiple people along, I might let someone drive. But that’s about the only time.

3. I still love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I think this admission requires close scrutiny or a bunch of people in their 50s telling me they still love P&B sandwiches, too. It’s such a Dennis the Menace thing and I know many of you have never heard of Dennis the Menace. Let’s just say P&B and D the M take me to another place and time.

4. I don’t work on cars. I don’t paint. I don’t build. Outside of the time I spend on my laptop, I am utterly useless.

5. My wife, who once was a member of the Singing Quakers at Friends University, once told me she thought I should try out for “The Voice” on NBC. She loves me very much, I understand that. There are times wives will tell a husband anything just to get them to shut up. I get that, too. Regardless of her intention, her words have stuck with me. But so far, no tryout.

Best Missouri Valley Conference cities (not including Wichita)

1. Chicago (hey, it’s a Valley city now)

2. Springfield, Mo.

3. Peoria, Ill.

4. Bloomington/Normal, Ill.

5. Des Moines, Iowa

6. Carbondale, Ill.

7. Terre Haute, Ind.

8. Evansville, Ind.

9. Cedar Falls, Iowa

Favorite Johnny Carson guests from the day

1. Don Rickles

2. Rodney Dangerfield

3. Bob Uecker

4. Steve Martin

5. Joan Embery from the San Diego Zoo

Favorite Wichita night spots (or day spots, I suppose)

1. Shamrock Lounge

2. The Anchor

3. Side Pockets

4. Merle’s

5. Quincy’s

Headed to Tulsa now for the Shockers’ game tonight against the Golden Hurricane. Predicting an 84-72 WSU win. Be back with you soon.