Daily Archives: Sept. 5, 2013

Memories of a sports writer

First of all, Raquel Welch is 73 today. I just had to get that out there because it makes me feel incredible old.

Believe it or not, Raquel Welch did not win an Academy Award for her performance in “One Million Years B.C.”

Raquel Welch is 73? It seems like yesterday that, at the age of 10 of 11, I asked my father to explain her to me. It made him very uncomfortable.

Actually, that didn’t happen. But like most boys, I was infatuated with her. She was almost a mystic figure and when she appeared in the epic movie “One Million Years B.C.” in 1966, starring as Loana alongside the unforgettable John Richardson and Percy Herbert.

I believe I was either first or second in line to see that movie. Again, I’m lying, but only to emphasize what a sex symbol she was back in the day, even though I was really to young to know anything about sex. Or symbols, for that matter.

Most of the time at that age, my mind was on sports. I was into everything and when I wasn’t playing football, basketball and baseball in my back yard or at a playground, I was watching a game.

I was really good at memorizing statistics. I amazed my friends by being able to tell them, almost to a man, the rosters of every professional sports franchise. I was especially good at memorizing baseball rosters because that was, and still is, my favorite sport.

Apparently, though, Raquel Welch was one of the few people capable of distracting me from sports in those days. She was such a tremendous actress.