Daily Archives: Feb. 15, 2013

Friday musings

* I’m mad about North senior guard Conner Frankamp not being chosen to the McDonald’s high school All-America team. What does the kid have to do? He’s set to become the all-time leading scorer in a legit, tough, historical league. He’s going to Kansas next season, not Kansas Wesleyan. He’s been a star internationally and in the summer AAU circuit.

* Here’s what makes me mad, though. In 25 years, when I’m either long gone or living in my son’s basement, the legacy of Frankamp will be diminished. He belongs in any discussion of greatest City Leaguers ever with the likes of Perry Ellis, Ricky Ross, Antoine Carr, Darnell Valentine, Aubrey Sherrod and Greg Dreiling. But all of those guys were McDonald’s All-Americans. Frankamp is not.

* Of course, I haven’t seen enough of the other McDonald’s All-Americans to know how Frankamp stacks up. But his absence from the team makes me question the selection process. Frankamp tweeted earlier today that his McDonald’s All-America snub – not his word, mine – will motivate him the rest of the season and, presumably, beyond.

Moving on.

* I’m counting the minutes (226 as I write this) until the Eagles documentary airs tonight on Showtime. This is just Part I; Part II airs tomorrow night. I think I know a lot about this band, but I think there are going to be some revelations in this documentary. I’m looking forward to hearing the interviews with past Eagles Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and especially Don Felder, who was unceremoniously dumped by the band a in the early 2000s. I’m curious to hear what David Geffen, the former music mogul who later turned to movies, has to say. His relationship with Don Henley and Glenn Frey turned acrimonious. And I’m also eager to hear Henley and Frey, the architects of the band, talk about everything.

* Wichita State has a tough road the rest of the way in the Missouri Valley Conference basketball race. So even with a one-game lead and four to play, it’s not a sure thing that the Shockers will win or even tie for the conference title. The Shockers play at Illinois State on Sunday and at Indiana State on Tuesday. Will they win both, lose both or split? I’m saying WSU splits, but that might be optimistic. Illinois State is playing better than any other team in the Valley and I expect Indiana State to pull it together after a rough stretch. This is one of the most interesting, and toughest, back-to-back road games the Shockers have played in a while.

* I’ve been surprised by the lack of minutes recently for sophomore forward Jake White.

* Baylor at Kansas State is an interesting game Saturday. I’m not sure how the Wildcats will bounce back from their beat-down at the hands of Kansas on Big Monday in Allen Fieldhouse. And Baylor is such a hot and cold team, who knows how the Bears will play? Being at home will help K-State and I expect the Cats will handle Baylor.

* I would think Creighton basketball fans are somewhat dismayed by the team’s recent struggles. Remember, Greg McDermott didn’t last long as coach at Iowa State. And certainly this Bluejays team has hit an unforeseen wall, losing five of eight. Strange and it makes you wonder just a little bit about McDermott, doesn’t it? Then again, who’s to say Creighton doesn’t rediscover its mojo and go on a big run the rest of the way?

* I heard a great interview on “The Jim Rome Show” today with Miami (Fla.) coach Jim Larranaga. Man, that guy just gets it. Nice to see the Hurricanes having success in basketball. And more and more, this looks like a team that could win it all.

* Miami winning it all? I guess that says it all about college basketball in 2012-13.

* At some point, don’t we have to stop being surprised by anything someone in the public eye does? The latest “shocking” development is the alleged murder of Reeva Steenkamp by her boyfriend, 2012 London Olympian Oscar Pistorius, who is also a double amputee. Who didn’t get behind Pistorius? He has an amazing athletic story. But it didn’t mean anything more than he has an amazing story. We do not know these people, thus we shouldn’t be shocked by anything that happens.

* Michael Jordan says Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James. Thanks for weighing in, Mike. Now get back to your ESPN 50th birthday celebration.

* I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the Washington Wizards are 5-5 in their past 10 games. Still 15-36 overall, but it’s something.

* Can we just wrap up the NBA championship and give it to the Miami Heat. Miami’s dismantling of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night, in OKC, was beyond impressive.

* I enjoy the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles. The Lakers are one of those teams you either love or hate. And with most of those teams, I’m probably in the “hate” ledger. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees are other examples. And “hate” is probably too strong of a word. But “strongly dislike” just doesn’t have the zing.

* I’m a big, big fan of Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.

* It’s been fun to reminisce this week about Shocker basketball during the Harry Miller era. Miller, who died this week, coached WSU from 1971-78 and had some of the finest players in Shocker history. If there’s one topic that sports fans in this community like talking about, it’s Wichita State basketball. And I’m always game.

* Next week in these musings, I’m going to break down the contestants I think will go the farthest this season on “American Idol.” I know you can’t wait. If you’ve been watching this season, what do you think? I think the competitors, especially the females, are as strong as ever. I also don’t understand why some people dislike this show so much. But not everybody is like me. I have finally come to accept that.

* Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend. It’s not 187 minutes until the Eagles documentary.