Daily Archives: Nov. 2, 2012

Friday musings

* Why do I have a funny feeling about the Oklahoma State-Kansas State game on Saturday in Manhattan? Why does anyone have funny feelings? How can feelings be funny? Anyway, my feeling is that the Wildcats are due for a sloppy game, one in which they

Can Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State make a game of it Saturday night against Kansas State?

actually make mistakes. Maybe K-State gets penalized a bunch. Or perhaps the Cats turn the ball over two or three times.

* Even if that happens, is OSU good enough to come into Bill Snyder Family Stadium and knock off an unbeaten team? Probably not. Almost certainly not. Yet the funny feeling persists, a feeling I can’t exactly describe. I just know it’s funny. And most of my feelings are not, which explains the difference.

* OK, hold a gun to my head (please don’t, really) and I’ll go with Kansas State to beat Oklahoma State, 40-28. But I’m not going to be surprised if it’s a whole lot closer than that.

* Kansas at Baylor? No chance for the Jayhawks, who have played some decent games at home this season but haven’t figured out the trick away from Lawrence. Baylor’s gonna score a bunch. Kansas just can’t score a bunch. So it’s something like a 37-14 game. KU might squeeze out 21 points.

* The Chiefs? There’s really nothing to say about the Chiefs.

* I’ve been told the actors on the ABC show “Nashville” do their own country singing. Well, they’re all really good. Which begs the question: If TV actors can swing country music this well, how tough is it to sing country music? There, the question that was begging to be asked has been asked. Any answers?

* Thank goodness the election is Tuesday. The divisive nature of these elections is almost too much for me. I turn down the radio when I hear a political ad. I change channels on the television. I dread going to my mailbox. This is not the way elections were supposed to be run. It makes me sad for America that we’re in the state we’re in when it comes to the insults and attacks. By the way, Bob Lutz approves of this message.

* We’re looking for local and area musicians to highlight on our radio show, “Sports Daily,” which airs from 8:55-11 a.m. weekdays on KFH. What we need is a clip of a song and information on the band or artist. I’d like to be able to do a week’s worth of music on the show, which means around 30 artists. If you’re interested, please e-mail us: sportsdaily@kfhradio.com.

* In one day, Wednesday, I did interviews with Butler Community College coach Troy Morrell and Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. Has anyone ever interviewed two better football coaches on the same day? I guessing they haven’t. So that makes me No. 1. That’s how I look at things.

* I’m going to make it to a Wings game soon. My wife and her family were big Wings fans back in the day and I’ve promised her I would go to a game. It might even be for Sunday’s home opener at Hartman Arena. As you know, I’m not a soccer guy. But this is something I need to do for family unity. I’m all about unity.

* I love baseball’s Hot Stove League. There’s nothing like a juicy trade to get my blood stirring. Free-agent signings are fine, too. But it’s the trades that excite me most.

* The Royals dealt for Los Angeles Angels right-hander Ervin Santana earlier in the week and will pick up the remaining one year and $13 million on Santana’s contract. I can’t help but thinking that kind of money could be better spent. But it is just one year and Santana did win 17 games just three seasons ago. I suppose there have been worse trades and KC didn’t have to give up much for Santana, whose salary the Angels were elated to unload.

* It’s becoming harder and harder for me to find a can’t-miss NFL game to watch on Sundays. The league’s parity is making it much less interesting for me. In this football country, are there others who think the way I do?

* The only downside about covering the Oklahoma State-Kansas State game Saturday night is having to miss the Alabama-LSU game in Baton Rouge. I know the Bayou Tigers are very tough to beat at home, but I still see a fairly ease Crimson Tide win in this one. I just think ‘Bama is that much better than the rest of the SEC.

* I’m already having second thoughts about going out to that Wings game Sunday afternoon. See how I am?

* I’m thinking a double-feature movie might be in the cards. “Argo,” and “Flight.” I’ll bounce it off the wife, but I’m sure she would love the Wings game. These are the hazards of marriage, folks.

* Some very early NBA thoughts: The Oklahoma City Thunder is going to miss James Harden, I believe. Kevin Martin is not James Harden; The Los Angeles Lakers are not going to finish 0-82, although it’s a nice thought; I’m sticking with the Brooklyn Nets as my team, although I wish they would have changed their nickname after moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn; I’ve watched more games than I thought I would. There, that’s about it.

* I’m really looking forward to seeing what Wichita State’s basketball team looks like. We’ll get our first look Monday night when the Shockers meet Pittsburg State in an exhibition game. Just five nights later, the regular season begins.

* As I get older, little things bother me more. As an example, having good stuck in my teeth now makes me almost crazy. Seems like I used to cope better with those kinds of things a few years ago.

* It’s astounding to me the kind of devastation that can be caused by weather. Hurricane Sandy, of course, is the latest example.

* It’s been a long time since I played a board game.

* Even though I grew up in the 1960s and really more the 1970s, I was never a hippie. I’ve always kind of regretted that.

* My son got married 13 days ago and it’s been a blast having a new daughter-in-law and six-year-old granddaughter. Family is where it’s at. Nobody ever said my musings were unique.

* The high school football playoffs involve too many teams. But when they good games start to happen, they’re really good. Just check out the 4A games that are being played in the area Saturday.

* Thanks, everyone, for reading. I’ll be on duty tomorrow night in Manhattan. This has been an extremely enjoyable season of covering Kansas State football and that’s partly because it wasn’t expected. Collin Klein is something to watch on a weekly basis. I’ll check in with you on Twitter tomorrow from Manhattan. You can follow me @boblutz.