Daily Archives: Oct. 11, 2012

The name game

Dusty Baker – It’s gonna be hard to live that one down, Lizard. Your Cincinnati Reds won the first two games of the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants, in San Fran. Your Reds won 9-0 in Game 2 and were coming home to the Great American Ballpark, where they’re

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker.

at their best. And your Reds proceeded to lose three in a row to drop the series. I’ll give you that your team fought hard to come back from a 6-0 deficit in Game 3 on Thursday, ultimately pulling to within 6-4. But I’m not sure you’re gonna survive this loss, Dusty.

Jerry Sandusky – I hate even typing this guy’s name. And I’m glad he’ll die in prison. Sick man. Sick wife. Sick, sick, sick.

Alex Rodriguez – You handled your benching Wednesday night with class, no doubt about it. But how did you really feel? I was shocked when Yankees manager Joe Girardi pulled A-Rod in the ninth inning with the Yankees down a run to the Baltimore Orioles. It was a genius move, it turns out, since pinch-hitter Raul Ibanez came through with a game-tying homer. Ibanez, miraculously, won it in the 12th with another homer. What a tough decision that was for Girardi. Where does it leave A-Rod? He’s in the Yankees’ lineup tonight for Game 4 of the ALDS against Baltimore and batting in the five-hole. He’s also playing third base against Orioles left-hander Joe Saunders. If a right-hander was on the mound for the O’s, would Girardi have left A-Rod out of the starting lineup? Inquiring minds want to know.

KU basketball – The Jayhawks have been picked by Big 12 coaches to win the conference basketball championship in 2012-13. This barely qualifies as news anymore. I don’t see much strength in the Big 12 this season. And despite the losses of Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor, KU easily has the best returning players in the conference. This could be a rout.

Brady Quinn – How will the Chiefs starting quarterback – I started to write “back-up” but he’s not backing up anyone now – do this week at Tampa Bay? Will Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel ask much of Quinn or will Crennel look to exploit the Buccaneers’ run defense? I would expect we’ll see Quinn run a pretty vanilla offensive package in his first game as the Chiefs’ starter. That could all change, of course, if KC falls behind early. But the Bucs aren’t a prolific offensive team so I expect a close-to-the-cuff kind of performance from Quinn and the Chiefs’ offense.

The Pit Crew – I receive a lot of feedback from the radio show, “Sports Daily,” that I do weekdays on KFH with Bruce Haertl. One of my favorite segments of the week is our visit with J.R. Sartain and Warren Hardy, who we named “the Pit Crew,” because of their auto racing expertise. I know absolutely nothing about auto racing, by the way. But it’s fun to talk to those guys as we do every Thursday.

St. Louis Cardinals – I’m watching Game 4 of the Cardinals-Nationals NLDS as I write this. My stomach is in knots. Postseason baseball is excruciating. So very hard as a fan. But I’ll take it over not having my club in the postseason. I guess.

Sam Bradford – Still not sure. I’ll be curious to watch Bradford’s performance Sunday for the St. Louis Rams against the Miami Dolphins. I like some of the young Rams receivers, but Bradford will be without his favorite target and security blanker, Danny Amendola, for a few weeks while Amendola recovers from a shoulder injury. Given that Bradford has not had consistent coaching and that the Rams haven’t exactly surrounded him with weapons, I’m willing to give him a significant amount of time to develop. But there need to be some positive steps soon.

Wayne Gifford – My best friend – my best friend since seventh grade – is a Reds fan. Sorry, buddy.

Thanks for reading. I might add some more later this evening. If not, I’ll be back at the blog tomorrow with Friday musings before heading to Ames, Iowa, for Saturday’s Kansas State-Iowa State football game.