Haley’s replacement

I have yet to hear from a Chiefs fan who feels like Todd Haley was unfairly fired today. And that’s saying something, considering all of the injuries that have contributed, at least partly, to Kansas City’s rough season.

Could Jeff Fisher be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. It might be a pipe dream, but he's a better candidate than Josh McDaniels or Kirk Ferentz.

Haley never won over the fan base. He was always seen as too rough around the edges and too much of a maverick. I don’t think Chiefs fans appreciated the way Haley thought he had all the answers, even though Kansas City was his first head coaching job. Haley seemed especially arrogant with the offense, firing and not getting along with coordinators.

Haley is gone now and will soon be forgotten. But the Chiefs will trudge forward with a new coach. And from the reports I’m reading, it appears many of the experts believe Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli could turn to either Josh McDaniels or Kirk Ferentz as the next Chiefs coach.


McDaniels? He failed during his tenure as Denver’s coach, although he was the man who convinced the Broncos braintrust to pick Tim Tebow with the team’s first-round draft choice in 2009. Now McDaniels is struggling as offensive coordinator in St. Louis, where he has failed to take Sam Bradford to another level. In fact, Bradford has taken a step back this season under McDaniels’ tutelage and the Rams have the NFL’s worst offense.

Farentz has had success at Iowa, but this season wasn’t particularly good for the Hawkeyes. And he’s always mentioned for these NFL job openings, yet he has remained in Iowa City. Something doesn’t seem quite right there.

I hope, for the Chiefs’ sake, that the pool of coaching candidates goes deeper than McDaniels and Ferentz because neither one of those guys seems like a great alternative.

Of course, the tried and trues like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden will be mentioned for the Chiefs’ opening. But they’ve had numerous chances to return to the sideline and have chosen to remain in the television studio or booth. I’m not sure the Chiefs job is special enough to entice either one to return to the grind.

Jeff Fisher, on the other hand, might be ready to come back after taking a year off. Fisher, formerly the coach of the Tennessee Titans, is a proven winner. If I were a Chiefs fan, I would much rather see him take over than either McDaniels or Ferentz. And by a long shot.