Daily Archives: Oct. 26, 2011

Here we go again

People tell me this has been a great World Series.

Lots of drama, they say. Plenty of excitement. Big hits, tough pitching at times, interesting, shall we say, strategy.

When your team is playing in a World Series, though, the quality of the Series isn’t  important. It’s about winning. And the Texas Rangers – not the team I’m pulling for – have a 3-2 advantage over the St. Louis Cardinals going into tonight’s Game 6 in St. Louis.

I woke up this morning in an iffy mood and I’m sure it’s because there’s another World Series game tonight. Tuesday was just a fantastic day. I doubt it’s a coincidence that it was a travel day for the Series, a day after a 4-2 Cardinals loss just about did me in.

Tuesday night, my wife and I caught up on some of the shows we had recorded: “Modern Family,” “Law and Order: SVU,” and “Homeland,” which is quickly becoming one of our favorite shows. It was a stress-free evening. I think I even smiled once or twice. Very relaxing.

But tonight it’s back to the grind. I’ll be tensed up watching the Cardinals play what could be an elimination game and my wife, Debbie, will be pleading to the TV. That’s what she does during these games; she talks to the TV.

“Come on Albert.” Or, “Blast it Lance.” Or, “Good at-bat.” Or just little sounds, such as “Hmmm,” or what sounds like a tongue click when something is happening that she’s not sure about.

It’s much better when the Cardinals are winning, although not really. I’m not sure why I wrote that – perhaps to make myself feel more normal. It’s not good no matter what the score. Maybe an eight- or nine-run lead gives me some breathing room, but Debbie has not been able to relax since the Cardinals gave up a huge lead late in a game last season against the Colorado Rockies. She has no faith in relief pitchers.

Debbie and I have been watching games together for three seasons now, after meeting in February, 2009. If I had to pick, I would say it’s wonderful to have someone to watch Cardinals games with. Especially during the regular season, when a game is just a game. Sure, I would prefer winning all 162, but a loss in the regular season doesn’t stay with me.

These postseason games – and tonight will be the Cardinals’ 17th of 2011 – are killers. Before I met Debbie, I watched Cardinals’ postseason games in my basement with the lights out.My language was straight out of a Richard Pryor performance.

Tonight, Debbie and I will be side by side in our love seat. We’ll have our feet up, holding hands while she softly rubs the back of my head. It’s heaven. Except for the baseball.