Daily Archives: Oct. 11, 2011

What’s right about Wichita

Last year, I started a what I hoped would be a semi-regular feature here on the blog about the things I liked most about Wichita.

Well, it didn’t become a semi-regular feature. It didn’t even become an occasional feature. I dropped it altogether and have regretted doing so ever since.

So, periodically, I’m going to get back to that. We don’t talk nearly enough about the things in Wichita to like.

I wrote about North High last year. It’s a beautiful school in a beautiful area and I think we, as Wichitans, have come to take North for granted.

Today’s “What’s right about Wichita” features the Delano District. I think it’s great what business owners have done in that corridor between McLean Boulevard and Seneca along Douglas Street. What a hopping place and an inspiration to others that more places downtown can start to hop.

If you’d like to learn more about the Delano district, copy and paste this website: http://historicdelano.com/history/index.html

Part of Wichita's Delano District

I keep waiting for the area around the Intrust Bank Arena to develop, but so far things have been slow. I did notice the other day, while driving around downtown, that the used-car lot that was across the street from IBA has closed and moved to another location. That’s some really prime real-estate property and I’m curious if plans are already being developed for how to best put it to use.

Delano, though, has a head start. And just a few blocks to the west is the Shamrock Lounge, one of my absolute favorite watering holes. I didn’t really discover the Shamrock until just a couple of years ago, but I love the old-school (or old-bar) feel of the place.

Douglas, really, has really come a long ways since my high school days, when it was basically just a drag strip on the weekends. Now, from one end of Douglas to the other, really, you can find so much. But one of the best things about any stretch of Douglas Street is the Delano District. Wichita, you got that right.