Fiesta Bowl Countdown: When it comes to football uniforms, Oregon is a trendsetter

Before the Oregon Ducks take the field next month at the Fiesta Bowl, they will need to figure out what they’re going to wear.

That’s never an easy task for a football team with close ties to Nike and Phil Knight. The Ducks have hundreds of different uniform options to choose from, and they go out of their way to make sure they don’t wear the same thing twice.

One week they come out with neon yellow numbers, the next their shoulder pads will feature wings or spikes. Sometimes they wear all white. Other times they wear black and green, yellow and green or throw in some gray. Point is: They never look the same.

Lots of teams (Oklahoma State, Baylor, Maryland) try to do the same with their uniforms. What they wear from week to week is considered news. Plenty more (TCU, Boise State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Notre Dame) break out special uniforms for special games.

New and loud uniforms are practically common place in college football, but that wasn’t always the case. Oregon started it all. Oregon was the trendsetter.
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Baylor to debut neon unis vs. K-State

Note to all Kansas State basketball fans who will be at the Sprint Center on Thursday for the Wildcats’ first game of the Big 12 Tournament against Baylor: Bring your sunglasses.

Adidas just came out with some new uniforms for three schools, Baylor included, and the Bears will debut some neon yellow/highlighter uniforms (as pictured above on the left) against K-State.

The story behind the gray uniforms

When Kansas State debuted its gray uniforms during a “Big Monday” victory over Baylor last month, the new home look was given mixed reviews.

But now that the Wildcats have thumped Kansas and gotten off to a 4-0 start while wearing the color, superstitious fans are beginning to suggest they start wearing gray as often as possible. Even on the road.

I asked K-State director of men’s basketball operations Andy Assaley if that was a possibility for future games, and he chuckled.

“We’ll stick with purple,” he said.

Still, the new uniforms that K-State began wearing in mid January have created a definite buzz among fans and players. Nothing will create debate in a fan base like uniform talk, and nothing energizes players like new threads.
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