Football Friday: The Big 12′s best ranting coaches, Jake Waters, Daniel Sams, Robert Rose and the challenge of Oklahoma State

It’s time for another Football Friday.

Kansas State will take on Oklahoma State in the classic Big 12 game of the Week time slot at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday in Stillwater. Both teams are coming off road losses, so this game will be crucial to both teams.

Thanks again for all the questions. Let’s get to them:

This might be my favorite Football Friday question yet. The Big 12 has witnessed some epic coaching rants in recent years. We all remember Mark Mangino bringing up dollar signs. Bo Pelini was probably the all-time best ranter. I mean, he was always ranting about something, even Nebraska fans. Mike Leach once blamed a loss on his players’ “fat little girlfriends.” That was probably the best single rant. It was funny and he didn’t criticize officials. Alas, those three coaches are no longer in the Big 12. Of the current 10 coaches in the league, the top-ranter award has to go to Mike Gundy.

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Now at the podium: Texas Tech

Under Mike Leach, the Texas Tech Red Raiders became famous for throwing the ball on practically every single play.

They piled up enormous offensive numbers, won a lot of games and churned out impressive quarterback after impressive quarterback.

But now that Texas Tech’s pirate-loving coach is gone, and former Auburn head man Tommy Tuberville has taken his place everyone wants to know what the Air Raid offense will look like.

Will there even be an Air Raid offense?

“We’ll change it to some degree and put our own stamp on it,” Tuberville said. “But we’ll throw the ball.”
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Postgame: Texas Tech 66, K-State 14

LUBBOCK, Texas — You know that cliché football celebration where two players run at each other, jump into the air and harmlessly bounce off each other? Well, that celebration was all over the place Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium.

It was so rampant that at one point two Texas Tech wide receivers decided they’d done it too much. After scoring one of their many touchdowns on the way to a 66-14 victory over Kansas State, they ran at each other, stopped dead in their tracks and shrugged before opting for a high five.

That’s how lopsided it was in Lubbock. Touchdowns became ordinary for the Red Raiders. They churned out 739 yards of total offense, 490 of which came from first-time starter Steven Sheffield who also passed for seven touchdowns, and moved the ball at will all game.
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Live Blog: Texas Tech 66, K-State 14

And Texas Tech wins it 66-14. Check in later for a postgame report.

4:09 Fourth Quarter
Thomas seems OK on the sidelines, but Keithen Valentine has been playing late in the blowout.

Texas Tech just threw its eighth touchdown pass of the game, which is the most every allowed in a single game by K-State.

Brutal loss here in Lubbock. Steven Sheffield’s line alone was 490 yards and seven touchdowns.

Indivudally, Jeffrey Fitzgerald and Keithen Valentine have played good games for the Wildcats. Fitzgerald came up with a sack and a pick 6. Valentine may end with more than 100 yards and a TD.
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Gameday Preview: K-State at Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s hard to imagine any two teams being more different than Texas Tech and Kansas State.

One, Texas Tech, is loaded on offense and tries to score on drives that last less than a minute. The other, Kansas State, is limited in its big play capabilities and tries to score with long, sustained drives.

For that reason, time of possession will be important in today’s 6 p.m. game. Kansas State is hoping to keep its defense off the field as long as possible so it’s rested and ready when Texas Tech starts throwing.
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This week’s player to watch: Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter has made quite the name for himself with his massive size and skill on Texas Tech’s offensive line.

K-State coach Bill Snyder went out of his way to mention Carter’s 6-foot-7, 344 pound frame this week, calling him “really big.” After allowing zero sacks last season, Carter was named an All-American by the Sporting News and the senior is one of the most imposing linemen K-State will face all season.

He is also one of the strangest, as you can probably tell from the above picture.
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