Daniel Thomas needs rest too

Before last week’s game against Iowa State, Bill Snyder told Daniel Thomas to be ready to carry the load.

No problem, Thomas thought to himself. In the days leading up to that 27-20 victory, K-State’s senior running back said he felt comfortable getting 30 carries a game. He ended up touching the ball 34 times, and rushed for 181 yards and two touchdowns.

Other than being a little tired, Thomas said he enjoyed the work load.

“I want the ball every play if I can take it,” Thomas said.

Clearly, Thomas is a tough and durable player. Snyder said he never takes himself out of the game. But even a workhorse like Thomas — who is now up to 552 yards on 83 attempts through three games — has his limits. He has to, right?
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Postgame: K-State 62, Texas A&M 14

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder said he didn’t see this coming. A better effort? Sure. Overall improved play? Yeah, that was possible. A win? Totally within reach.

But a 62-14 pounding of Texas A&M a week after the Wildcats themselves were on the wrong end of a 66-14 score at Texas Tech? No, he couldn’t have predicted that.

As he said in the postgame media interview, if he could predict the future, he’d be working “in Vegas.”

The few people out there who figured K-State could beat A&M by a massive amount of points are likely wishing they could reverse time and go to Vegas today. In one of the biggest turnarounds you will ever see, the Wildcats went from losing to a Big 12 south team by 52 points to beating one by 48. That’s a 100-point difference.
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Postgame: Texas Tech 66, K-State 14

LUBBOCK, Texas — You know that cliché football celebration where two players run at each other, jump into the air and harmlessly bounce off each other? Well, that celebration was all over the place Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium.

It was so rampant that at one point two Texas Tech wide receivers decided they’d done it too much. After scoring one of their many touchdowns on the way to a 66-14 victory over Kansas State, they ran at each other, stopped dead in their tracks and shrugged before opting for a high five.

That’s how lopsided it was in Lubbock. Touchdowns became ordinary for the Red Raiders. They churned out 739 yards of total offense, 490 of which came from first-time starter Steven Sheffield who also passed for seven touchdowns, and moved the ball at will all game.
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Arrowhead is where K-State wants to be


Before the Kansas State football team traveled to Los Angeles to take on UCLA in the Rose Bowl, a hot topic of conversation was how excited the Wildcats were about playing in such a historic stadium.

Just about everyone on the roster admitted they were very much looking forward to the trip. But their words were nothing compared to what they had to say about playing in Arrowhead Stadium this week.

Everyone is thrilled about it.

“I’m very excited,” senior offensive lineman Nick Stringer said. “I’ve been to quite a few football games there growing up. I’ve always dreamed about playing in that stadium. To be able to play there with this team is something really special.”
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This week’s K-State player to watch: Senior running back Keithen Valentine

Keithen Valentine

In his first game of the season, Keithen Valentine broke off a 34-yard run in the first quarter and it held up as the longest rush of the day.

The Kansas State senior running back saw the ball 10 more times, and he took advantage of those touches by scampering around the field for 89 yards.

K-State coach Bill Snyder is hoping Valentine can produce those same impressive numbers this Saturday when the Wildcats take on Louisiana-Lafayette at Cajun Field. With the game taking place in his home state, Valentine will be hoping for a huge performance as well.
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K-State running backs are tough on themselves and defenses

When your coach is Bill Snyder, improvement is a mandate.

No matter how many yards you churn out in a particular game or how well you play against a particular foe, the expectation is that you can always do better.

With that being said, it seemed like Kansas State’s running backs went a little overboard this week when they were asked to grade their first-game performances against Massachusetts. After making a fabulous debut and rushing for 104 yards, junior Daniel Thomas gave himself a D. Keithen Valentine, meanwhile, gave himself a C+ after stretching 11 carries into 89 yards.
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