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Kansas State finalizes Snyder contract

Kansas State athletic director John Currie announced tonight the details of Bill Snyder’s new multi-year contract.

The contract is retroactive to February 1 and includes annual compensation, which will total nearly $10 million over a five-year agreement.

The new deal was approved by the K-State Athletics board of directors earlier today and signed today by Snyder.

“Coach Snyder is one of the true legends of college football,” Currie said in a statement. “He is an outstanding ambassador for this University, community and state. I have said numerous times that my first impression of Kansas State was the toughness and determination of a football team led by Coach Snyder at the 2001 Cotton Bowl, and we are excited about the direction of our football program under his leadership.”
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A letter from Bill Snyder

The Kansas State sports information office has asked that my paper run this letter from coach Bill Snyder to the Wildcat fan base.

No need to wait that long. I’ll put it online immediately. Enjoy.

Dear Faithful Wildcat Family,

Thank you so very much for the amazing turnout for Saturday’s game, for making the day an electric environment for the more than 300 returning ex-players and above all for caring so very, very much.
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K-State running backs are tough on themselves and defenses

When your coach is Bill Snyder, improvement is a mandate.

No matter how many yards you churn out in a particular game or how well you play against a particular foe, the expectation is that you can always do better.

With that being said, it seemed like Kansas State’s running backs went a little overboard this week when they were asked to grade their first-game performances against Massachusetts. After making a fabulous debut and rushing for 104 yards, junior Daniel Thomas gave himself a D. Keithen Valentine, meanwhile, gave himself a C+ after stretching 11 carries into 89 yards.
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Live Blog: K-State 21, UMass 17

Just got back from the interview room, and Kansas State players and coaches agree they could have done much better.

They were all happy to escape with the 21-17 victory, but to only score points in the second quarter was disappointing. And to struggle to even move the ball in the second half was tough for them to handle.

Lots of improvements need to be made. Mostly in the passing game and punting game.

But one things for sure: K-State can run the ball. Junior running back Daniel Thomas debuted with 104 yards and Keithen Valentine picked up 89.

Check back later for a postgame blog. And read the Eagle/Star for complete coverage.
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Gameday Preview: UMass at K-State


Excitement is high and tickets are scarce.

That’s why Snyder Family Stadium will look something like this picture (except only more packed) when the Kansas State football team takes on Massachusetts at 6:10 p.m. Saturday.

Not only will a near-capacity crowd of close to 50,000 fans be on hand to welcome the Wildcats to the field, but more than 300 former players will be there as part of a family reunion celebration cheering them on as well.

K-State athletic officials are saying it will be the largest crowd to ever witness a Wildcats home opener, and by far the largest former player reunion in the program’s history. Throw in the return of beloved coach Bill Snyder and a postgame fireworks celebration, and it adds up to one gigantic purple party.
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This week’s player to watch: Daniel Thomas


At his weekly news conference, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder tried to say as little about his football team as possible. He said some areas were good. He said some areas were not so good.

That’s the type of guy he his. He’ll talk in generalities, but rarely single anybody out. He went so far yesterday as to say he didn’t think he had any “star players” on the roster.

I would argue that Brandon Banks and Nick Stringer are “star players,” but Snyder might also want to keep his eye on Daniel Thomas.

Of all the new faces on this team, he’s probably the best candidate to become a “star player.”
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Here’s your early season feel-good story

Kadero Terrell thought about the question, but not for very long.

Who would?

Football is a strange game, but there aren’t many players who have been able to go from practice squad linebacker at the junior college level one year to starting defensive end at the Big 12 level the next.

So Terrell didn’t waste any time trying to search his memory for a reasonable answer when asked if he knew of anyone who had made such a gigantic leap. He just said what any reasonable person would.

“I’ve never heard it,” he said.

But he has lived it.
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Coffman’s the starter at QB

By Kellis Robinett

MANHATTAN — Carson Coffman was named starting quarterback at Kansas State by coach Bill Snyder this afternoon. Coffman beat out transfer Grant Gregory and will start K-State’s Saturday night opener against Massachusetts at Snyder Family Stadium.

Coffman, a 6-foot-3 junior from Peculiar, Mo., was thought to have the lead in the race for the starting job because of his participation in spring drills. Coffman has appeared in 10 games the past two K-State seasons, completing 28 of 46 passes for 308 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

Gregory, a sixth-year player who transferred from South Florida, was not eligible to participate in spring drills. A 6-1 senior, Gregory was a two-year backup to South Florida starter Matt Grothe and appeared in six games last season.

Snyder knows who his starting QB is

The rest of us will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out who he picked.

During the Big 12 coaches teleconference this morning, the Kansas State football coach said he has made his choice between Carson Coffman and Grant Gregory. He’s just waiting to spread the news.

“We have a decision,” Snyder said. “We’ll announce it tomorrow.”
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An interesting first week at the new job

Editor’s note: Kellis Robinett began covering Kansas State sports for The Eagle last Saturday.

By Kellis Robinett

Getting started on a newspaper sports beat usually means meeting many new people and getting immersed in an athletics program in a short amount of time.

This week, my first as The Eagle’s Kansas State beat writer, has been no different. I’ve met with a lot of K-State athletic officials and coaches as I get ready for the fall sports seasons.

And yet it has been different, mostly because of a blog I used to write for on occasion.

For a five-month period ending in May, I contributed to a blog called “The Jayhawk Lounge” because I thought it would be a good way to stay in touch with some old acquaintances and write about a common interest.

At the time, I was employed by the Idaho State Journal and spent my days covering Idaho State athletics, writing columns about the local sports scene and maintaining my own personal blog on the newspaper’s Web site.

My work for the Journal was well read and I enjoyed the experience, but few outside the region were interested in reading about Idaho sports. My roots are in the Midwest, and when a half-dozen people I knew from college asked me to help them write about Kansas, I figured why not?

I considered myself a fan and watched most of the Jayhawks games in my free time anyway, so occasionally writing about them as well didn’t sound too bad.

I can’t recall how many entries I made on the blog, but I did not make all of them. I created the site’s domain name, but other than that it was a group effort. In its lifespan, it received approximately 6,000 page views.

By the time May rolled around, I was living in Nebraska and writing for the Omaha World-Herald on a freelance basis. I had intended to keep writing for the blog and even linked to it in my farewell column at the Journal. But after the move I didn’t have time to do it anymore. So I stopped.

The other authors on the blog seemed to lose their passion for the project at about the same time and the site became dormant.

The blog remained online without updates through August and was taken down shortly after I was hired by The Eagle and The Star.

My editors repeatedly asked questions about the blog during the interview process. Could I stay objective while covering the Kansas State beat? Could I give up being a fan of the University of Kansas? Would I put in the extra effort to gain the trust of my new readers?

Yes, yes and yes.

My ties to KU and my brief time writing for a fan blog will have no effect on my coverage of Kansas State.

My goal is to cover the Wildcats to the best of my ability and do so fairly. It is what our readers deserve and it is what I will give them.

To read a blog post about this from deputy editor for news Tom Shine, visit The Editor’s Desk.