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Where to start? That game was so disjointed. The scary part is that K-State played so poorly and still won by 38 points. Yes, the Bears are bad, but their defense isn’t too shabby – at least until it gives up.

What you have to like, even though it was late in the game and with the decision effectively decided, was Leon Patton with a 100 yards and James Johnson with 70+. That’s nice production, and there’s no question that’s a formula Ron Prince wants to use during the last month of the season – get ahead early with Josh Freeman and Jordy Nelson, and then salt it away with Leon and JJ.

The Wildcats are fortunate they played a flat 30 minutes against a team that was powerless to take advantage. That type of performance likely would have doomed the Cats in probably three of their remaining four games. No joke – they were that bad in the first half. Baylor’s offense couldn’t get anything going.

- Clayton Cox is a beast. Read Levi’s story in tomorrow’s Eagle.

- If Daniel Gonzalez can give that type of effort every week – and since he hasn’t before now, the assumption is he can’t – the offense should be a monster. Again, IF he can give that type of effort…

- Need more Deon Murphy. And no, I don’t have a man-crush on him. I just like playmakers. If you have one – see Nelson, Jordy – you feed the ball to him. Same thing with Murphy. He needs more touches.

- It’s clear Baylor studied a lot of tape from KU’s victory in Manhattan and tried to apply some of the stuff that worked. Tom White’s second touchdown looked real familiar…

- The defense is what it is. Baylor couldn’t run to save its life. Nothing changed from the weeks before. A team with a commitment to the run is still going to gash the Wildcats – sorry, but it’s the truth. K-State’s response? Probably to bring even more pressure.

- Scout from New York Giants in attendance. Can you imagine Jordy Nelson in the Big Apple? I can’t either.

- I’ll have something tomorrow on the scrimmage in Marquette, but it’s going to be rather vague. The information pipeline on the matter has been shut down. But I know the team fared well in both sessions. Everyone apparently had their moments, including Mike Beasley. No use posting numbers because you’ve seen them already and they’re accurate in range.