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Post-mortem, Nebraska (02/06)

It’s a little strange to me how most fans, with little prompting, have just accepted that Kansas State is good. It’s almost become a fact – turn on the radio and hear, “K-State is going to the tournament.” I’m not disagreeing, but I guess my issue is with the nonchalance.

This is a huge deal.

Last night was little more than maintenance. What I mean is, grab the ‘W’, don’t get hurt, and keep it moving. Right now, home wins are the least the Wildcats can do. They need those road wins now, those wins that will move the RPI meter.

What more can be said about Mike? I thought Doc Sadler’s comments were sufficient.

I think Frank pushed the right buttons with Jake, no?

Foul shooting concerns me. Missing shots? Not so much because this team was never going to be known for its marksmanship – with the exception of Mike. Defensive intensity for an entire 40 minutes might be another point of contention.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

But this team is growing. You can see it. These players like each other. The coaching staff loves the players. It’s a nice situation, no doubt.

K-State is 16-5 and 6-1 in the Big 12. Frank Martin is going to win 20 games – easily – in his first season as a head coach. He just might win the Big 12, too.

Post-mortem, Missouri (02/03)

You want to blame Frank Martin. Go ahead.

You want to blame the second-half defense. That’s fine.

You want to blame poor foul shooting. That works, too.

But remember this – it’s a collective effort. The loss at Missouri stings, but let’s not get carried away. Teams in the Big 12 should win at home, right? And the Wildcats had already won two on the road.

What I took from it – and I have to give credit to my dad, who calls me after every K-State game and has become a big Wildcats fan back home in Vermont, which is odd – is that this team isn’t able to apply the finishing blow yet. On the road, anyway.

On the road in conference, you must do whatever it takes to finish a team off – particulary if you have a 14-point lead with 14 minutes left in regulation or a nine-point cushion with 10 minutes to play. Everyone is sick of hearing about how young this team is, so I won’t bore anyone by repeating that. But inexperience was a considerable factor yesterday.

As for the other subplots, I truly believe Frank’s use of his roster is done for a reason. I also believe he coaches in a lot of instances on feel. When he was winning six games in a row, there weren’t many complaints about his coaching style.

But, man, that’s a win K-State should have left Columbia with.