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Post-mortem, ’07-’08

OK, so this isn’t a typical “Post-mortem.” In fact, it has nothing to do with the Wisconsin game; I love what Bo Ryan extracts from his players, though. This “essay” is more about the immediate future of the program, and it was written off the top of my head, after listening to some concerned fans and reading what some critics have to say…

In any relationship, there has to be trust.

Do you trust Frank Martin?

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Post-mortem, No. 6 USC (03/21)

I called it. Yep, I’m that guy. Seriously, I told some of the veteran writers gathered here in Omaha that I thought K-State would win by double figures. Did I think that would happen? Nah. But I knew they’d practiced hard and they were believing in themselves and their ability to win a couple of games – at the least – in this tournament.

Best performance I’ve seen by the Cats. And while I don’t think they need to duplicate that tomorrow against No. 3 Wisconsin, they need to play with the same energy and effort to be successful… and I think they will.

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Post-mortem, Texas A&M (03/16)

My parents are bummed. You probably are, too.

Me? I’m not surprised.

I didn’t anticipate the run ending so abruptly, but in some ways, it was deserved. The Wildcats are a mess right now. Have a theory as to what’s wrong? Good – because I’ve run out of theories.

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Post-mortem, Iowa State (03/09)

What struck me most after Saturday’s victory was how much these guys believe they’re about to go on a run. Now, a cynic could point out that K-State hasn’t looked very good in its last two games, even if the results were victories. Valid point, but the Wildcats don’t care.

I realized getting right was important against Colorado, so the final margin didn’t bother me. But yesterday, I was floored by the fact that, after losing five in a row on the road, with all of the baggage that must come along with that, K-State was able to go to Hilton Coliseum and win – despite getting a combined 24 points from Mike and Bill.
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Post-mortem, Colorado (03/05)

I’m going to start on an unconventional note. I love how Blake Young plays. He’s not perfect, not by any stretch, but he gives maximum effort. He was solid last night, hitting a big 3 in the second half.

It has to be said – does K-State lose if Bill doesn’t play as well as he did? How many more dramatic turns can this season take? At this point, is it even possible or realistic to guess what will transpire Saturday in Ames?

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Post-mortem, Kansas (03/02)

I thought the last eight minutes of the first half were impressive for K-State. And Mike was outstanding, as usual.

But really, what other positives can be gleaned from that loss? Now, I’m not quite the pessimist some are – KU is good, as is Texas, as is Baylor. You see a trend here? The Wildcats’ last three losses have been to very good teams. That doesn’t excuse the outcomes, but the facts are the facts.

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Post-mortem, Texas (02/26)

Texas is a fine club. No shame in that loss. But within the context of what is currently happening – three straight losses with Kansas on deck – it might have been catastrophic.

I still believe the Wildcats are in the NCAA Tournament, but they’re about to scale the bubble. It’s the reality, folks. Will victories against Colorado and Iowa State to close the regular season be enough? Who knows?

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Post-mortem, Nebraska (02/20)

It’s not going to get any easier, folks.

Baylor is going to be desperate – and the Bears will be at home Saturday. Two days later, Texas – which might be the best team in the Big 12 right now – comes to Manhattan. And then it’s KU a few days after that.

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Post-mortem, Missouri (02/16)

What did we learn from Saturday?

1. Missouri isn’t very good. Serviceable, but not tremendous.

2. Don’t upset Mike.

3. This team won’t lose again at home – sorry, Texas.

Which leads us to this week, which might be the most critical stretch of the season for the Wildcats. Has this team grown from its road woes? In fairness, each conference road loss came with certain circumstances. The game in Missouri was more about what K-State failed to do, which was close out the Tigers. And the game at Texas Tech was simply about the Wildcats failing to play with purpose early and being unable to adequately defend the Red Raiders’ motion offense – at least in the first half.

There is little margin for error when winning on the road – look at the two road victories K-State recorded. They weren’t blowouts by any stretch, and the Wildcats never let up in either.

Handling Nebraska in Lincoln will be difficult. Beating Baylor in Waco is going to be extremely difficult. And I don’t think a split does anything for K-State, if the Wildcats are intent on taking the Big 12 title. It’s a sweep or bust, and finally, after what I saw Saturday, I think this team is capable.

What do you think?

Post-mortem, Oklahoma State (02/09)

That was a weird team to figure. I think I wrote that in the in-game notes, and I was talking to my father about that late last night. Man, he and my mother have gotten into this team. They have tickets to the March 1 throwdown in Lawrence, so that should be fun. If anyone is there and wants to meet up, let me know.

Anyway, here’s what I liked: Mike, of course; Jake’s aggressiveness early (Mike said it helps so much with the early double-teams he faces); Bill’s athleticism (he had his hops yesterday – in some games, it looks as if he doesn’t); the inspired play of the backup bigs (Colon and Ron Anderson); Fred Brown’s three-point stroke (which will be needed in the coming weeks); Frank’s control of the game (gripe about his substitution patterns if you want, but do you really think the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing? Or that he’s stubborn? C’mon…); the absurd rebounding margin (Sean Sutton should be embarrassed); the contributions of James Franklin and CMW (do you realize Frank played everybody at his disposal yesterday? And they all played well?); and a smiling Clent Stewart.

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