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My take, Iowa State

Nothing surprising at all about last night’s victory. 

Iowa State isn’t all that good, and Greg McDermott, while a good coach, needs a serious infusion of talent to surround Craig Brackins, who has a fascinating future at the next level. It could have been a letdown, but it wasn’t, and it turned into victory No. 15.

After a brutal Big 12 start, Kansas State is suddenly in good shape, and Saturday’s game at Texas A&M suddenly is immense. Based on how well the Wildcats are playing right now, would you be shocked if they went into College Station and prevailed? How could you be?

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My take, Texas

Everyone loves the little guy, especially a little guy with loads of swagger.

Denis Clemente was unbelievable against the Longhorns, but you knew that already.

It was the best performance I’d ever witnessed, all the more impressive because of how bad Clemente’s first four shots were – all misses, and all taken in wild fashion – and the fact the junior guard scored just eight points in the first half.

That’s 36 points in the final 25 minutes, which is somewhat Beasley-esque. And that’s the most obvious parallel to draw, especially since Clemente tied Mike’s Big 12 record. But it was different, as Frank Martin noted, because Clemente is barely six feet, a point guard responsible for getting the Wildcats into their offense.

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My take, Missouri

Tremendous energy and intensity for 40 minutes. That’s the blueprint. Frank Martin said his Wildcats played as hard against Oklahoma, but shots just didn’t fall.

Not much to gripe about.

This post was intended to be brief, anyway. But I’ve stumbled into a pair of tickets and a parking pass for the remaining games at Bramlage – except for KU, of course – and I want to give them away to whoever is interested.

Free tickets, people. In this economy, that’s a heck of a deal.

But there’s a catch – I want to be entertained. Tell me why you deserve these tickets, or why I should give them to you, or what you’ll do with them once you have them, or anything that might make me chuckle. Use the section field below to respond, and also list which game you’re most interested in, followed by your second choice, etc.

Be creative.

My take, Nebraska

SInce it’s about three days old – I took Monday off to observe the holiday – I’ll keep this brief:

Kansas State will win again this season. This, I’m certain. When? February 17 against North Carolina Central is a lock. Outside of that, though…

I’m obviously kidding. But the Wildcats have some issues. Can they be sorted out? Of course. Will they be? We’ll have to see. I’m not one to point the finger at Frank Martin, but this 0-3 conference start has undoubtedly given his detractors and critics another occasion to gloat.

Instead, and I’m going to write about this tomorrow, there has to be some accountability by the players. Who is the leader of this team? Who is the guy who might be construed as an extension of Martin on the court? Talent isn’t an issue – not this year, anyway, in the Big 12. Nebraska has loads less talent than K-State, and we saw what just happened in Lincoln.

Maybe I’m woefully naive – and if so, I’m sure you all will point it out – but the message doesn’t seem to be getting received.

Twenty-five turnovers? C’mon – take care of the ball. Be deliberate. Play with confidence. Compete.

And Baylor is up next…

My take, Kansas

Frank Martin summed it up. For the third year in a row, for the third time he’s been part of a Kansas State coaching staff leading the Wildcats into Allen Fieldhouse, the Jayhawks jumped out to a huge lead, putting the visitors in a major hole.

They didn’t dig out in Bob Huggins’ first and only year. Last year, Mike Beasley’s 39 points weren’t enough. And last night, they fought back but that, too, wasn’t enough.

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My take, No. 3 Wisconsin

I believe Kansas State is going to be good today. I believe the Wildcats have regained their edge, and I believe the reason can be found here.

That said, Wisconsin is pretty solid. Nothing earth-shattering there, but it had to be said. I think K-State, with its athleticism, can disrupt what the Badgers try to run, even though they’re very proficient under Bo Ryan.

I know Frank will want to push pace, and I think that’s vital. When it comes down to it, though, when in doubt, I’m always more apt to lean towards the team with sheer difference-makers, and K-State has at least one of those. Not sure I see too many on Wisconsin’s roster.

Ate dinner last night at some joint where I saw Brian Butch posing for pictures and Jacob Pullen stopped by to hello to his parents. The Pullens are fantastic people, just like Ms. Smith, and they were all sitting together, catching up. Good stuff.  Expect something a little more in-depth on Jake if the Wildcats advance to the Sweet 16…

My take, Colorado (03/04) – with “B-Mart”

Before I move on to how I see tonight unfolding, here’s my Pop’s take on the Kansas game:

Hi, PowerCat Nation. Just getting back home, really enjoyed the atmosphere at the game Saturday night. I thought K-State got some bad calls in the first two minutes of the game. The timeliness of the calls was the difference-maker. Sure, they called fouls against KU, but most of the calls against KU were when ths game was out of reach.The calls against K-State , specifically Beasley and Walker, set the tone for at least three quarters of the first half. The first three minutes of the second half were called the same as the first three minutes of the first half – no fouls were called against KU and the KU guards were allowed to wrestle the ball from K-State’s guards without penalty. I think K-State’s guards were partly responsible by not making themselves wide enough, which allowed KU ‘s guards the opportunity to come over their shoulders and just wrestle the ball away. Also, the four position must be more consistent. His average would have kept the game in hand. 

Solid analysis, but hey, I’m biased.

As for tonight, it’s Senior Night. K-State needs a win, and Richard Roby is kind of soft. I like the Wildcats BIG. I think a victory more or less sews up no less than the No. 4 seed in the Big 12 Tournament. This year, I think the four seed from the No. 2 conference in the country – according to RPI – yields a NCAA Tournament berth.


My take, Texas (02/25)

Kansas State never lost in January.

Texas hasn’t lost in February.

Does that mean the Wildcats have already peaked – especially if the Longhorns are currently peaking as most suggest? Not enough evidence.

Here is what is certain – K-State has yet to lose at home in the Big 12. Texas has only lost in the Big 12 on the road.

In the end, that’s what it comes down to for me. I don’t think there is a huge difference in talent, and in such case, always go with the home team.

Expect Dominique Sutton to play more. Expect K-State’s guards – Jacob Pullen, Blake Young and Clent Stewart – to play better than they did against Baylor, when they were outscored, 69-6, by the Bears’ quintet.

Really, I think it’s kind of a toss-up. And since I’ve been ordered to stop making predictions, that’s where this “take” ends.


My take, Baylor (02/23)

You’ve heard the noise:

Gotta have it. Can’t come away with anything less than a ‘W’. Must-win.

Blah, blah, blah.

You know what? Forget all of that. How about playing together and playing hard for 40 minutes? Pretend there aren’t two NBA draft picks on the floor – well, let’s not get too carried away; they need to get the ball – and just play a team game where the sum is absolutely greater than the parts.

That’s what Kansas State needs to do today against Baylor.

Can it happen? I’m skeptical. The Wildcats have yet to win on the road this month, but then again, they usually bounce back after a loss. I’ll say this – a win today sets up the next two games much better than a loss would.

I’m also skeptical Baylor’s guards go for 75 against K-State – as they did against KU a few weeks back. I’d dare the Bears’ bigs to go nuts, and there’s no way they can match what Mike and Bill will provide.

But with the Wildcats, especially on the road, you never know.

PREDICTION: K-State 82, Baylor 78 

My take, Nebraska (02/20)

I don’t see what Nebraska can do differently against Kansas State that is going to make a difference. That said, the road factor for the Wildcats can’t be overlooked. It’s very real, and it’s something this team is going to have to conquer.

Is this the week? With what happened to Baylor last night, you’d have to think the timing couldn’t be better. Take care of business tonight and move on to Saturday.

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