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Mama Sayz (12/27)

My Christmas wasn’t nearly as exciting as this, although I did use the last of my remaining vacation time. Sounds like Mrs. Smith had some fun during the holiday:

Well, everyone, the holiday has come and gone and once again I have survived it without any scars. Let me go over some of the “highlights” of the week…

First of all, Tiffany is true believer in Mr. Claus. She noticed that everyone in the house had a Christmas stocking (or, as she calls it, a Christmas “sock”) but her Mommy, and this really bothered her. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the true reason I didn’t have a stocking is because I am the “mystery stocking stuffer.” I didn’t realize how much it bothered her until I got up on Christmas Eve and saw her solution for what seemed to be her biggest problem of the season. She actually got one of her socks that she had on the day before and tucked it in the grids above the fireplace! Now that was even funnier than the never-ending Christmas tree. I still get a chuckle when I think back on it.

I was one of the few people in Manhattan (outside of retail, of course) who had to drag my sleep deprived body in to the office for work, so that left little time to prepare for those last-minutes surprises for the upcoming festivities. Poor Calvin had just come in from an eight-day road trip for work and I immediately dragged him out to the kiosk that was going on in EVERY store in the area. He was good about not putting up a fuss. Maybe it was because he knows that when he’s on the road, I’m home with his “little GUMDROP” a.k.a. Ms. Tiffany. All in all, the stores were just like I expected – you just have to have a game plan which gets you in and out of the store in one piece, which means you may have to keep an eye out for the folks that you may run into who will talk your head off until New Year’s and head in the opposite direction. That’s it and that’s all!

Normally we would spend Christmas Eve at my sister Mona’s house with friends and family, where everyone always wanted to participate in our famous gift exchange, where you could get something very nice or you could end up with something that would make you re-think the whole Christmas thing. Like the time I opened up a beautifully decorated Nordstrom’s box only to find a plate of old chicken bones that Mona had eaten earlier in the day. Yuck! Even though it sounds disgusting, which most times it was, we couldn’t wait to play year after year. This year we obviously couldn’t continue our traditional family gathering but we had a great time with a few of our new-found friends and their family, who invited us over for dinner – minus the gag gifts of course. We had such a good time just being around people who weren’t plotting to see who could come up with the worst gift, and the food was so good that I’m still thinking about it.

After arriving back home, we decided to open presents. Now you see, I have some VERY nosy kids and they try to shake and feel presents that are under the tree with their names on them, so a few years ago I starting writing one kid’s name on another kid’s present. That was always funny because I would never remember whose gift was actually in the box until it was opened – one year Malik opened one of Mychaela’s boxes from Victoria’s Secret and was very unhappy, to say the least. This year, since two of my roommates where M.I.A., I changed things up a little to keep some of the excitement (for me, any way) that we had at Mona’s in the previous years by purposely giving everyone someone else’s gift. The looks on their faces were priceless! They had all turned in their letters to Santa (except Lil’ Mike) so I could have an idea as to what they would like and it worked like a charm.

Mychaela asked for a trip back east and a digital camera, and if she could only have one she’d rather be packing her bags. So when she opened her boxes and found shoes and clothes with miniature personal hygiene items stuffed in her Christmas “sock,” she had a look on her face that screamed, “Is this it?!”

Dymond asked old St. Nick for the new SideKick LX in the “nifty” blue color, which is precisely how he described it to Santa… And he had the same look on his face as Mychaela when he opened up a new digital camera in the “nifty” bronze color. The only difference was that he said “thank you” and sounded genuine, unlike Mychaela.

Calvin has been eyeing a cigar travel bar made by Max Benjamin which was advertised in the Cigar Aficionado magazine, and when I tossed him a gift card holder that was definitely too small to hold anything related to a cigar except for maybe a lighter I observed that same old expression that I received a few minutes prior. He didn’t know that he was holding the second part of Mychaela’s gift and he obviously didn’t know that the gift left under tree marked “Malik” was really for him.

All eyes where on little Miss Tiffany as she rushed to open her carefully wrapped gift. Everyone knew Santa wouldn’t disappoint the little girl who not only wrote a letter (with Malik’s help) but also actually made a phone call to the “Big Guy” to request a Dora toy and a make-up kit. After she opened the Dora toy, she raced to open gift No. 2, which is when every one started to get suspicious and figure things out. Once she tore into the second box, she revealed a “nifty” blue Sidekick LX. She knew what it was from observing the boys from the basketball team use theirs. She screamed with delight and said, “Thank you, Santa!” Dymond immediately yelled, “Hey, I asked for that!” Tiffany yelled back, “No, this is mine!” That’s when the big swapping session began and every one got what he or she wanted except for Dymond. Once Tiffany saw the Barbie Power Wheel Jeep that was brought upstairs that was hidden in the back room of basement for the last week, Dymond practically had to dive for the box that she tossed in the air before it hit the ground.

Even though I wasn’t able to be with Mona and the gang this year I still found a way to pull pranks on roommates and it was just as fun… I wish I had a video camera.

Unfortunately, Malik was on the West Coast and Lil’ Mike was on the East Coast during this time and was not able participate in my new game, but Lil’ Mike will be home tonight. After he gives me his letter to Mr. Claus, I will give him a perfectly wrapped box full of underclothes and socks and a real lump of coal that I got from a co-worker’s dad (thanks Hanna) just to see the look on his face. Don’t worry – he got something that he’s really going to appreciate, I hope. I just can’t reveal it now since he doesn’t know but if you really want to know what it is, just ask him the next time you see him. In addition, when Malik returns home he’ll be sure to get the same style of prank.

Hmmm, I wonder if Lil’ Mike’s love for pranks is hereditary or not.

Since I was a bit long-winded (apologies extended), I’m going to make this week’s question short BUT very SWEET:

Can you give us an update on the whole Samuels and Sutton ordeal? Are they here yet? When will they get to play?

Thanks and keep us posted,


YES, YES and Very Soon! Welcome aboard, Dominique and Jamar! You couldn’t have picked a finer place…Enough said!

Oh, last BUT certainly not least – congrats Lil’ Mike on one player of the week and two rookie of the week awards thus far in the season. The sky is the limit.

Mama Sayz (12/19)

Looks the holidays have Mrs. Smith camped out in the kitchen. She tackles those issues and a question from one of her readers this week:

First, I want to apologize if I have
offended anyone with last week’s edition regarding my “Christmas”
tree. I will now be politically correct and use the term “Holiday”
because, believe it or not, I do try to be sensitive in all that I do
and never want to disrespect any one’s beliefs.

With that said, let’s move on.

We survived our first winter storm in
Kansas without many problems. We were fortunate enough not to have
lost power at all, which is more than I can say for countless people
here in the Little Apple. I hope that everyone is able to resume some
normalcy in their lives sooner rather than later.

Betty Crocker is overrated! I wanted to
get in the “Holiday” spirit and start a new tradition of baking
“Holiday” cookies with the kids. Well, let me tell you, that was
one of the shortest tradition known to man. First, you have to mix
and stir and kneed and all that stuff. While that may not sound like
much, try doing all of that while watching the football game (the
Washington Redskins, of course!), entertaining Ms. Tiffany, cooking
dinner, taking numerous phone calls, etc. etc. etc. – get the
picture? Well, first let me say that MY homemade sugar cookies tasted
nothing like the blue wrapper roll of Pillsbury dough which I knew I
should have picked up. Even after the cookies where all decorated
like the “Holiday” pictures that you see in the magazines, they
still tasted like cardboard.  It’s been three days since I’ve put
my hard work in on that project and the cookies still remain in the
same place. We’re talking about a house full of kids who
practically eat anything that isn’t breathing and they left

cookies there to waste away. Anyway, I have realized that a pinch of
salt here and a dash of vanilla there just isn’t for me. Although,
the cookies were beautifully decorated (even with Tiffany eating more
icing and getting getting more on her face than she actually put on
the snowman, which she made especially for Daddy) they didn’t pass
the “KID” test, because they are still here. 

Looks like Christmas is going to be put
on hold for a while at my house. Why, you ask?  Because Mr. Beasley
hasn’t turned in his “letter to Mrs. Claus.” For the life of
me, I don’t know why he drags this out. He know the rules. If
anyone sees him out there, tell him to just ENTERTAIN his mother… I
don’t ask for much – jeez!

On another note, I hear that the
freshman of the basketball team where allowed to speak to the
media… FINALLY! Is that good or bad? I’ll let you all be the
judge. I read a few of the interviews that were printed in some of
the local newspapers and all I have to say is “Who let the dogs
out? Woof , woof , woof, woof…” (I crack me up sometimes.) On a
serious note, it will be VERY entertaining to say the least! I guess
I’ll have to interview Lil’ Mike some time soon for “Mama SayZ” in
the coming weeks so get your questions ready.

Speaking of questions, here we go. This one is from Brad:


love the writings. Thanks for generously providing them every week.


you like to cook much?
Is there a favorite meal of the team’s that
you fix or that you all eat in general?
How would you describe the
cohesion of the team currently?
What do you think of Sutton and
Samuels coming in at semester?

a great week, stay warm, enjoy KC, and I’ll look forward to the next

Well, Brad, I don’t like to cook at all BUT I
have to.

I mean, I have five kids and a few extra additions, thanks to
the team, and they have to eat. As far as a favorite meal, there
isn’t one. I just watch what I cook depending on who’s coming
over, like no red meat or pork if Ron (Anderson) is over. The kids at
home pretty much eat whatever is being cooked, except Mychaela has
been practically begging for fajitas lately. It’s the basketball
guys who come with special requests, such as breakfast food in the
middle of the night like french toast – even after waffles are on the
menu for the day. But all in all, it’s not a problem.

I think the team is playing well
together. The more they play, the better they get. It’s all about
gaining the experience of playing together against others, and to me,
they are doing a great job.

The addition of Sutton and Samuels will
be a great addition, I’m sure. Other than that, I have no comments
on their arrival until they get here.

Mama Sayz (12/13)

She’s going to be the queen of all media before long. Mrs. Smith is back with another installment, and now she’s even adding photos. Next, videos, and then who knows? Maybe she’ll be coming at all of you live.

For now, though, here’s what "Mama Sayz":

First, let me apologize for being late
for our weekly meeting…   

On Monday I lost something very
important to me in the garbage and to make a very long story very
short, it was returned to me by the driver of the WM trash removal
truck in the same condition. My family and co-workers tell me how
lucky I am to have it returned to me in this day and time but for
some strange reason I didn’t panic. After being put in contact with
the driver through his dispatch/customer service department and after
meeting the driver, I just sensed his honesty and felt at peace that
everything would work itself out and it did. Thanks, Rob and Mike.

Well, this week my roomies and I are
preparing for the holidays. Not only do they HAVE to write their
letters to Santa, but they have to help put up the Christmas tree. We
have (had) a seven-foot tree that Lil’ Mike has been complaining
about for the last few years because he says it’s too short and
puny. Until this year, I just ignored him. But for some reason, when
we pulled out our “old faithful,” it did look a bit on the
“Charlie Brown”-ish side and it even leaned to the left. I
immediately started asking the kids what they did to my tree, and of
course they acted as if they didn’t notice a thing, continuing on
with their set-up. Just then I remembered seeing a tree a few weeks
earlier at Hobby Lobby that was nine feet tall, so when they weren’t
looking I disappeared and made a dash for the store. Once I arrived
at my destination I was so disappointed to see that all of the trees
that were left were in the same condition as the one the kids were
desperately trying to save from a sudden death back home. All but
one, and I was convinced that it was going home with me. Once getting
the boxes home, which contained our newest member of the family,
Dymond had to drag them in from the garage and the kids couldn’t
believe what “Mama” bought home. For you see, my dear friends,
the tree stands a whopping 12 feet tall. It was the funniest thing
I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t stop laughing as the kids
kept adding pieces and it kept growing and growing and growing.  We
even had to add the star on the top before Ron Anderson put the last
part on while standing on a chair. There were people stopping and
staring as they drove by, and when I got outside to take a look for
myself I thought, “WOW! This looks like the beanstalk and the giant
was going to come tumbling down!” I still laugh when I come in the
house. Of course, Lil’ Mike wasn’t home to help put the tree
together, so when he and Biliel came into the house the next day,
they just stared. I said to Lil Mike that he better not out-grow this
tree any time soon, and he just fell to the floor in laughter. All of
the kids have written their letters to Santa except Lil’ Mike, as
usual. He’s always the one who refuses to write his letter until he
realizes that no one gets Christmas until all letters are turned in.
Then the other kids start to plead with him to write his and he
finally gives in. Maybe I’ll share the funniest one next week…

On a basketball note, it was fun being
at “The Garden” last week. Spending time with friends and family
is always a plus. So many people have told me they’ve seen me on
TV.  I wonder if it’s true that the television really adds 10
pounds – memo to self: The treadmill is my friend!

Two thumbs up for Big Bill – what a
way to handle your business this week!

O.K. everyone, let’s hit the refresh
button on the questions this week, OK? Also, I am going to try and
insert a weekly picture to reflect what I’m talking about if it

Do as Mrs. Smith says. You’ve got questions — man, I’ve got questions. Send them her way via the comments field below.

Mama Sayz (12/5)

Sorry for being away for a while. I was on KU duty for the weekend, and this week, I’m away again. I’ll try to post when I can.

As for “Mama SayZ,” it’s yet another entertaining installment. And, as always, keep the questions for Ms. Smith coming.

As if my life wasn’t busy enough…

I no longer have a three-year old “teenager” to deal with. Why, you ask? Because on Friday, Nov. 30, Little Miss Tiff turned 4. To celebrate, we drove to Topeka to go to one of Lil’ Mike’s favorite places, Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yes, I said it, he loves dining with the Big Mouse just as much, if not more, than Tiffany and Malik. It was a blast, as usual. Good food, fun games and let’s not forget turning in what seems like a thousand tickets to get a toy spider, Dracula teeth (do they really scare people anymore?) and some jewel stickers which Tiffany thought were a nice addition to the windows on her side of the car.

Thanks Chuck, just what I wanted.

Anyway, I had planned to rest all weekend and not go out at all BUT someone forgot to send a memo to the rest of my roommates. So instead of a lazy day of sitting on the couch sitting, watching movies and eating junk food, I was up and running at 8 a.m. and didn’t slow down until Monday, when it was time to punch back in to start another week of work.

First stop on Saturday morning was to GTM to pick up some K-State apparel to send back east to Tiffany’s 18-year-old “twin,” Sidney, who is her god-sister – they share the same birthday. And of course, once I’m in the store I have to pick up other items for my roommates, which are just irresistable. The store staff is always so friendly and doesn’t care that I come in looking like what I deem to be a complete and utter mess. They still treat me the same and are always so helpful. I also met some fellow early morining shoppers there who knew me and appreciated “Mama SayZ.”

Imagine that, this thing could be gettin’ catchy. Hmmm…

I missed the post office so the next stop was pet shopping. The birthday girl was promised a kitty by one of her parents, whose name I will not mention but it wasn’t me,and I told HIM that it was not a good idea. But nooooo, HIS little gumdrop gets whatever HIS little gumdrop wants. Well, after doing some Internet research I decided to go to the local animal shelter, but there was nothing outside of full grown cats. So off to the pet store and, ta-da, there was a kitty. Since the store didn’t have any rainbow-colored kitties, we decided to go with a nine-week-old male kitten that Tiffany insisted on changing his sex in order for her to name him “Princess.” Whatever, that’s for the parent who promised her the kitten in the first place to sort out. While on the way to the counter to make our purchase, I was on eye level with a cage of the cutest little puppies that I have ever seen. How dare the store owner arrange the store like that! I asked to hold one and once I did, it was a done deal! To say the least, I went in looking for a rainbow-colored kitty and left with a seven-week-old black mixed kitten named “Smokey,” and a two-month old silky poo (a cross of a silky terrier and a toy poodle) named “Ss,” for “Short Stuff.”

Lil’ Mike, Dymond, Ron and Mychaela were home waiting for us to return and quickly adapted to and fell in love with “Ss”. Even though Lil’ Mike said he would have rather have had a Rotweiller or a pit bull, he cuddled up and played with one of the newest members of our family. But Smokey, on the other hand, we’re still getting used to her and those sharp claws.

Sunday was a typical day of labor. Monday couldn’t get here fast enough. So to bring you up to date, I am now juggling five kids, a full-time job, basketball games, travel, phone conferences with Mona (due to salon business back east), home life, personal life, “Mama SayZ” and a kitten and a puppy (which Malik promised he would help with… yeah, right).

Please keep me in your thoughts…

Now to go back to the questions from the comments section. Yosh, you’re the man (or woman). Here goes:

What’s it like watching Mike interact with the generally public? I’m sure he was somewhat well known in D.C., but Manhattan is so small, and Mike is on such a big stage now. It’s impossible for him to ever be anonymous.

To watch Lil’ Mike interact with the general public is entertaining. He is very jovial and quite the character… he cracks me up! It doesn’t matter if he’s in a big city like D.C. or small town Manhattan, Kan., he’s always the same. He’s great with kids, especailly kids with special needs. He has a tender spot in his heart for them and he truly wants to make the moment they share together mean as much as possible.

Any interesting/funny stories about the team and how they act behind the scenes would be interesting reading as well.

Now, of course this is all meant in fun, but not all of the fans leave directly after the last play of the game. And some stay long enough to see me interact with some of the players once they return to the court from the locker room. I ususally look at the box scores to see what our stats look like before they get there. I try to give them a punch for each turnover they commit. Obviously, some get more punches than others but no one is excluded — not even Lil’ Mike. Win or lose, they get it. It’s funny to see them come up to me with every excuse in the book, especially Andre (Gilbert). He starts out like, “But Ma…,” trying to look almost sad enough for me to not administer his punishment, but “rules are rules.” Gotta love ‘em.

Mama Sayz… (11/21)

Here’s another entry from Mrs. Smith, aka Mike Beasley’s mom. Obviously, she’s more than that, and that’s part of what this weekly feature is about. It’s an opportunity to get inside the mind of the mother of one of your favorite K-State basketball players – and arguably the best player in the country.

And this week, she’s talking about “The People We Meet.” Here’s the thing, folks. She wants you to participate in this, as I get the sense she’d rather have this a question-and-answer format. So submit some questions down below in the comments field, and she’ll answer them in the following weeks.

Growing up in a large family, your siblings become your friends. My sister and I were, and still are, best friends to this day. We know each other inside and out. Once we reached adulthood and chose our two very different career paths (hers being owner/stylist of a sucessful hair salon back East) she has made more “friends” then I have. In fact, her friends are my friends, and she reminds me quite often that I steal her friends. Well, I guess this is partially true because I can probably count my own friends that I have made without her on two or maybe three fingers. Sad, huh? Not really…

When I go to basketball games, faces become more and more familiar. From the other families there to cheer on their sons, to the folks feeling lucky enough to have gotten tickets to see the Wildcats in action first hand. The stranger sitting/standing next to you is no longer a stranger because cheering for the same team has a way of bringing people closer together. Striking up random conversations with friendly faces seems so easy… so right. Wow, is this what friendship is really about? Talking and laughing and cheering and holding our breath together in hopes that our team pulls out another win. I’ve never been good with names, not even in my own house (now that’s sad…LOL), but I will always remember the faces that I will meet at the upcoming games.

I say all of this, basically to say to my sister – my “friend” list is growing faster than I could have ever imagined and she can even steal one or two of them if she’d like…

Quick reminder – make sure to come back next week for “The Road Trip Diaries.”

If you’re headed to Orlando, it sounds like you should holler at Mrs. Smith when you’re down there. You might make it into “Mama Sayz.”

Also, on a personal note, don’t expect too much – if anything – for the rest of the week. I’m off. I’m making calls, still doing some work, but I’m telling you, it’s probably going to be sporadic. I’m not saying you shouldn’t come back here and check every day – please do – but I’m going to enjoy my holiday. Just as you should.

Which reminds me – what am I thankful for? All of you for supporting me and continuing to read what I write about K-State athletics. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Mama Sayz… (11/13)

This is the first in a weekly installment that Fatima Smith, Michael Beasley’s mother, will write for K-Stated. As usual, we want this to be interactive, so if you all have ideas, or something to say and can’t wait to hear what “Mama Sayz,” then fire away in the comments field below and she might address in a future “Sayz.”

This one is titled “Game Day!”

TGIF! It’s usually a term shared around the office amongst fellow co-workers on Fridays after working what seem to be a long stressful week, but today it meant something totally different to me. It’s GAME DAY, the first official game of the season was about to begin and I can’t get to Bramlage fast enough.

But first, I must make it through the rest of my work day which seems to be dragging by ever so slow. It’s finally 4:30 p.m. and it’s quitting time. I’m so excited I can hardly wait and I almost make it home before realizing that I was one passenger short in the car…uh oh, did I forget to make my daycare run? O.K., everyone’s in the house now and getting ready to leave for the game. It seems as though the wait in the house was just as long as, if not longer, as the wait while at work. Driving towards our destination I think to myself, “How can a drive that normally takes 5 minutes take an extra 20 minutes?” It reminded me of “rush hour” from back east, in D.C. Where is this traffic coming from in my new “hometown”? Then suddenly it dawns on me that I’m not the only one in Manhattan that’s ready for some Prime Time KSU Basketball.

We finally find a parking space and made our way to the entrance with the countless other Wildcat fans ranging from all ages and dressed in all sorts of purple apparel. I was walking so fast that I didn’t realize that I had out-walked my riding partners. Looking behind me in the dark I could hardly see the crowd walking towards me but I certainly felt the excitement that everyone shared, the same excitement that I had for the last few months. Finally familiar faces emerged and my family was back on track. After getting our seating assignments, I just wanted to stand aside and take it all in and with good reason, for you see, this was one of the “firsts” in my life.

Both games of the weekend were monumentous, something that I would soon not forget. The fans were great, the players were great, the atmosphere was great and the popcorn was even better. What more can I say except, Why does this weekend have to end? I can’t wait for the next weekend to begin.

Is it TGIF, yet?