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Mailbag: Lots of love for Victor Ojeleye

Shortly after writing this feature about Victor Ojeleye last week, my inbox was flooded with e-mails from people who have met the Kansas State junior walk-on. They all wanted to let me know he was deserving of recognition, and reiterate just how caring both he and his family have been over the years.

Here’s one from a reader named Wendy: “I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Victor Ojeleye! I remember watching him play high school basketball and seeing what a great athlete he was. Not only that, he was an awesome student and had great character. It’s nice to see him recognized for those qualities at his current college level. He deserves it!

Here’s another from a reader named Clint: “I don’t know what triggered your article on Victor Ojeleye, but I want to say, ‘Thank you.’ I’ve known him since he got to the U.S. I knew his dad for the four years he worked to get the family here from Nigeria (an incredible story if you’ve never heard it). I can tell you firsthand that their family is the real deal. You will not find more genuine people anywhere.”

The second e-mailer was right. The Ojeleye family does have a pretty neat story. Victor’s father, Ernest, currently runs a medical practice in Ottawa. Victor’s mother, Joy, regularly volunteers in the community. And Victor’s brother, Semi, is one of the top high school basketball players in the area. K-State is already showing interest in him.

But before they built their lives in America, they had to move here from Nigeria. Not an easy process. Victor Ojeleye filled me in on that back story earlier this week.
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