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K-Stated: The Vlog

Sorry the posts have been so sporadic, but I’ve decided to make a more concerted effort to provide you with more Kansas State information on a daily basis. How’s that for a pledge from your local beat writer?

Anyway, here’s my latest effort:

K-Stated: The V-Log

As you can imagine, yeah, I’m busy right now. Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

K-Stated: The Vlog, Take 6

One of our K-State readers saw me vlogging (that almost sounds offensive) and said I look like Forest Whitaker. Not sure what to make of that, other than “Ghost Dog” is one of my favorite underrated movies of all-time. And “The Last King of Scotland” was good, too.

But, as usual, I digress. Here’s what you’ve been waiting all week for:

K-Stated: The Vlog, Take 4

A couple of other quick tidbits – someone sent me the link to Josh Freeman’s recent Sporting News diary entry with this is the subject header: “K-State QB Josh Freeman ‘misplaces’ his 4-foot python,” and c’mon, how are you not going to click on that?

I have calls in to Fatima Smith about particulars of Michael Beasley’s endorsement deal with adidas. Also, Beasley said his immaturity played a role in failing to come forward about his involvement in the NBA rookie symposium that resulted in a $50,000 fine.

And lastly, there’s my latest vlog (or is it v-log?) attempt:

K-Stated: The Vlog, Take 3

It’s back, whether you’re ready or not. Feast your eyes on this:

K-Stated: The Vlog, Take 2

As promised, here’s another segment. This is probably more of what you can expect here, as I hope it combines elements of information and entertainment. Kind of like a low-budget – extremely low-budget – version of ESPN. Wow, how’s that for ego? Anyway, tee it up and let it rip…

K-Stated: The Vlog?

Go easy, people. As I point out in the video, I want this to be interactive, as the blog already is. Send questions my way – or – and I’ll address some on the air. I want fans to make appearances, and I might take this show on the road. Really, the possibilities are endless, but most of all, I want it to be fun.

OK, here it is:

Thoughts? Check back in the afternoon for another installment.