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K-State vs. Oklahoma State (02/09)

FINAL, KSU, 82-61

Looks like Ron Anderson wants more minutes. He’s working. Mike looks to be done at 23 points and 13 rebounds. Dove has four fouls, by the way. Luis – oh my. All of the assistant coaches are smiling at what they just saw from the big man. We’re not used to such agility and grace from Big Lu. The official tells him to “play easy, big fella.” Fred Brown gets a 3, and this one is officially a rout. 17-5, folks. 7-1 at the midway mark of the Big 12 season. Give this team some love.

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K-State vs. Nebraska (02/06)

FINAL, KSU, 74-59

Thirty-five for Mike. Maric has 14. Balanced scoring for NU, but I’m convinced balanced scoring is for chumps. As I predicted, Mike and Bill went for 50, and the Wildcats are going to win. Cookie is tough. And the fans make for the exits with 43 seconds left. Mike leaves to a standing ovation with 38 seconds left. He finished with 35 points and 13 rebounds – as Bob Huggins might say, “That’s just Mike being Mike.” Jake breaks double figures, hitting a pair of free throws with 23 seconds left. Crowd favorite James Franklin is in and he grabs a rebound. It’s over.

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At Missouri (02/02)

1:44 left, MU, 75-72

Mike hits both, it’s 72-68, with 3:40 left. Keon Lawrence is getting what he wants right now, and he blows by Blake to slash it to 72-70. Still no Bill, which is exasperated when he picks up his fourth foul on an drive to the hoop with 2:49 left. Carroll ties it up after Mike still on the floor swats away Lyons’ shot. To the other end, Tiller drives hard to the rack, and Blake is too deep. A block is called, and Tiller hits the free throw. Danger, folks. Mizzou by 3.

3:40 left, KSU, 70-68

Frank is talking the official about allowing the proper amount of space on the in-bounds play. K-State finally gets it in, but Darren Kent steps out of bounds, turning it over – it’s K-State’s 14th of the afternoon. Lyons nails a 15-footer at 4:30 that cuts it to 70-68. Bad offensive possession, but Stew secures offensive rebound. Looks like the offense is a little out of sync right now. Mike drives to the bucket and is fouled. Not a bad option. Wonder if we’ll see Bill back on the floor…

4:53 left, KSU, 70-66

Brown hurt his hand on a shot attempt, and he’s begging to come out. He’s replaced by Stew. Lyons at the line, and he hits his first. He’s played a strong second half. He missed the second, so it’s K-State, 67-61 with 7:00 to go. Lyons strips Beasley, and Carroll finishes on the other end. They’re outplaying the Wildcats right now. Stew drives, and he’s short on a runner. Out of bounds, ball to MU. Momentum totally with the home team. Tiller on the cut and finish. Tigers within two. Amazing turn of events. Tiller is fouled in open court by Beasley, hits one of two at 5:39. Misses the second, so it’s K-State by one, 67-66. Ball is knocked around, somehow ends up in a Wildcat’s hands, pass ahead to Beasley, who tries to dunk but is fouled with 5:24 left. He hits No. 1, but misses the second. K-State by two, 68-66. Lawrence misses a good look at a 3, but Beasley hits on the other end. With 4:53 left, Wildcats call timeout, ahead, 70-66.

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