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No. 11 K-State vs. No. 3 Wisconsin


The season is over. Now what?

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No. 3 K-State vs. No. 6 Texas A&M

FINAL, TAMU, 63-60 

Jake dribbles around, and Bill misses a 3. Rebound to K-State, which goes inside to Mike, who scores, of course. Playing straight up defense, no need to foul. Down one. Turge burns a 30-second timeout with 36.1 seconds left and 14 on the shot clock. A play is drawn up for Jones, who is defended closely by Bill. The shot is long, and the rebound bounces to the Wildcats. Frank calls a timeout with 20.6 seconds left. The whole place is on its feet. They allowed Mike to make the difference, and he gets a clean look at the rim. The shot is off the mark, and they foul with 7.9 seconds left. Josh Carter hits the first free throw, and the second.

1:16 left in regulation, TAMU, 61-58

Mike’s called for a foul, and Frank and Dalonte tell him he should have gone straight up on Joe Jones. He’s demonstrative, and he’s asking one of the officials what he did wrong. The official sticks the whistle in his mouth, which is the universal sign for “walk away.” Seriously, how cool would that be if you had such a signal where you work? Same dude is now clowning with Jake, who has apparently defused the situation. Jones makes the first, tying the game, and then hits the second at 3:27 to give A&M the lead back. Sloan hits one of two, and the Aggies are up two. Beasley’s 3 is in and out, and there isn’t much time left. This Bryan Davis cat is straight mauling kids on the court right now. Blake’s at the line for a one-and-one with 1:57 left and he makes one of two. No box on Davis, who soars for the offensive board on the miss and tips it home.

3:49 left in regulation, KSU, 57-56

Bill called for an offensive foul, and yeah, this is happening. One and done? Really? Ron Anderson, making his first appearance (I think), keeps a possession alive with an offensive rebound. Jake called for a reach, and Mike chides him for swatting at the ball. Fred Brown wants A&M to have some – he’s balling right now. Nice 14-foot jumper – K-State is within four. Roland misses a pair of free throws. Mike with the strong take and he’s fouled. He makes the free throw, and it gets loud in here. And it gets even louder after Blake steals the ball. And then it’s louder at 4:00 when Bill wheels to the rim and K-State takes the lead. A&M takes a 30-second timeout.

7:44 left in regulation, TAMU, 55-48

Bill misses a jumper, and he’s stuck on six points. Stew with a runner – and his fiancee, wearing a No. 5 jersey by the way, is all fired up. Nice move for Brian Davis. Stew with the jets, going coast-to-coast. Kirk, with shot clock virtually expired, goes glass from way, way deep. It sucks the life out of the pro-KSU crowd. Bill gets to the rack, absorbing contact. The Wildcats are going to need more of that. But A&M answers… Kirk is going nuts. He drills another 3, and this one nearly sends Turge into orbit.

11:42 left, TAMU, 47-42

Are the wheels coming off? Fred Brown with a nice crossover and then a charge. Oops. Sloan drills a 15-footer, and man, the Aggies are playing with confidence. Then Mike gets a deep touch, and all is right again. He breaks a drought, but he misses the free throw. Beasley scores on an absurd shot, and Marty Blake says, “Jesus Christ! He had three guys around him!” It’s nice when you impress a guy who has seen all of the great ones play.

14:08 left in regulation, TAMU, 45-38

Could the Wildcats be headed home? Me and Levi were nearly just taken out. Offense looks a little stagnant right now. Hey, there’s Ron Prince. Muhlbach is back, and man, he’s scrappy. You see what I’m doing, right? OK, I’ll let it go. Fred loves sightlines here – another 3 ball for Mr. Brown, and the crowd wakes up. Within two, Muhlbach rips an apparent 3, but it’s being reviewed. Yeah, it’s a 3. Elonu is patient in the paint and converts, and Frank is frustrated.


Jake forces a turnover with a five-second call. Then he drives to the rack and misses, but Gilbert gathers the loose change and follows. Muhlbach – he’s scrappy. Mike throws the ball away on an inbounds pass. Josh Carter hits a 15-footer. Bill tosses up an airball. Derrick Roland with a strong take – plus he’s fouled by Mike, his second foul. But there’s only 1:29 left in the half, but Frank is taking no chances. DK comes in for Mike. K-State, timeout. We’re on the other end of the court, and you can hear Frank screaming at the Wildcats. That whole outstretched arms with clenched fists thing that coaches call for a play? It never works. Turge called for that with about 18 second left on the clock. No dice. Lew Perkins just molested me. Not really, but he almost groped me. It was weird.

3:39 left in 1st half, 31-all

Bill hits the deck with a little more than six minutes left in the half, but he shakes off the pain – it’s something to do with his hand, it appears – as Mike scores at the six-minute mark to give K-State the lead. Lane violation by ‘Nique on a free throw. Turge and an assistant are yelling at Dhinemulu Elonu to be more aggressive, and they might have a point – he just watched as Beasley blew by him. He was fouled, but Mike missed both free throws. Kirk gets to the rack and scores. Bill hits from the elbow. He’s got 6, Mike had 14. Bad boxout for K-State. “C’mon, ref,” Mike says after he felt he was fouled. That dude B.J. Holmes looks like he’s 10.

7:41 left in 1st half, 26-all

This is how good Michael Beasley is – or a sign of how badly some people want to be on the big screen: Some KU fans are holding a sign that signs “Michael BeasTley.” I mean, they’re wearing blue and red, and there isn’t a hint of purple in the group. Strange. DK just wrestled a ball away from some dude. Mike gets another deuce. Nice finish by Bill, on a nice dish from DK. Frank has always said DK is one of the team’s best passers. It’s 20-18 with 10:03 left. Nice effort by Joe Jones, who retrieved the rebound and laid it back in. I’ve been critical of Jones in the past, and I want to give credit where it’s due. Big 3 from Stew… but then Josh Carter answers on the other end, drawing a big fist pump from Turge. In transition – DK3? Unreal. This place explodes, which is especially funny because Mike was demanding the ball the whole time.

11:44 left in 1st half, TAMU, 20-14

Andre Gilbert has “MY WILL” and “MY WAY” tattooed on the back of his arms. Just figured that was the stuff you need to know. Beasley too strong. Jake’s in at 14:40, replacing Stew. Team defense is lackluster right now. DeAndre closed late on a Mike 3, saying, “Oh, sh$%.” Yep, that’s the stuff you only get here at “K-Stated.” Rough landing off a drive for Gilbert – and it’s a charge. Fred Brown has entered the game – last time he in this building, he had nine points on four-of-six shooting in 16 minutes against Florida A&M. Yeah, I’d say the competition has stiffened considerably, no? It always looks like Fred Brown’s shoes are untied. Man, Jake continues to play with a lot of poise and confidence. But the Wildcats are struggling. Just a little.

15:47 left in 1st half, TAMU, 11-7

Those drill people from A&M are annoying. Looks like A&M is going to pack it inside and try to get the Wildcats in foul trouble. It’s a 5-0 start for A&M. Mike has missed a couple of shots. Bill gets on the board with a driving layup, going glass. These cats from A&M have already sweat through their uniforms. Mike is so good – that shot was absurd. Blake with a 3 – nice ball movement. Ten second call, and Turgeon can only rub his forehead. Man, that’s rough. Kirk drills a 3, and Frank immediately gets Andre Gilbert up off the bench.

8:40 p.m.

I just met Pete – and he’s rocking a D.C. Assault hat, by the way. It’s kinda nice. He said Catzacker is also in the house. This is shaping up as a mini-KATPAK’R, and half of you have no idea what that means. OK, most of you.

But it’s all good. Nice atmosphere – if anyone is reading this from their mobile devices inside the Sprint, holler at my parents in section 109, next to the QT sign. My dad is dying to talk K-State hoops right now.

Mike was presented with his Big 12 Player of the Year trophy a few moments ago, which was a nice moment. He was just introduced and it took him about 10 seconds to meet one of the Aggies at mid-court, which made K-State assistant coach Matt Figger laugh. Good stuff.

A lot of purple here, if you were wondering…

K-State at Iowa State (03/08)

FINAL, KSU, 73-69

Pullen with the game of his life. Unbelievable take. Wow. Guess that answers the questions about his confidence being shaken. Another goaltending call on Bill, which Frank didn’t care for. Clock is ticking, fans are getting louder. Mike misses his shot, and the Clones have possession with 22 seconds left and down 3. McDermott calls timeout. Terrific energy in here right now. Wonder if McDermott is drawing up something for a two or if he’s going for the dagger. A quick hitter and then the foul? We’ll see… Garrett dribbles around, gets in the lane and launches a runner. He misses, and I don’t think that’s what McDermott drew up. Walker rebounds and is fouled. He misses, and K-State gives a foul on Garrett. Smart call – up 3, the Clones have to make and intentionally miss. The guard makes the first, and you know what’s coming. Iowa State burns a timeout. The K-State coaches are imploring their guys to box out. Mike corrals the rebound. He’s fouled, and the fans make for the exits. Frank looks relieved. All of the Wildcats do, really. With 1.9 left, he gets No. 1. And No. 2 makes it official. He walks over to the bench. It’s over. K-State wins. Barely.

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K-State vs. Colorado (03/04)

FINAL, KSU, 78-72

Driveway shooter connects on a 3, and it’s down to 8 again. K-State can’t seem to finish these guys. A Roby layup slashes the lead to six with 1:26 left. Mike makes a pair, and he has 31 points and 14 rebounds. Roby answers with 42.3 seconds left. The Wildcats hold on, and Beasley and Co. take a victory (goodbye?) lap around the Fred afterwards. Not particularly impressive, but as Frank later says, it’s a much-needed win. ‘Nuff said.

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K-State at Kansas (03/01)

FINAL, KU, 88-74

When Brandon Rush is making shots, I don’t think many teams are going to beat KU. There, I’ve said it. ‘Nique is incurring Frank’s wrath in the huddle following a timeout. Well, Mike’s getting his numbers. The others – Bill and Jake, namely. Frank is trying to get the Wildcats to finish this game strong – although it’s clear they’re going to lose. No close-outs on defense. Dick Vitale is tossing cookies to the crowd. He just tossed one to Lawrence Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan, who dropped the cookie. This one’s over, folks.

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K-State vs. Texas (02/25)

FINAL, TEXAS, 74-65 

Good thing Jake showed up.

4:42 left, TEXAS, 62-54

Atchley with the tip. Brown at the line, and Fred has logged a lot of minutes tonight. Augustin gets what he wants again. And again – that guy is a pro. Lutz just said, “We’re watching two -fifths of the All-America team.” He’s right. Augustin converts a three-point play. Blake gets to the rack for a tough two. Airball for Jake – that was bad. Mike shrieked/whistled for the ball at the top of the key, and he missed a wide open 3. Bill is struggling – still. He does it again. He’s 0-for-12. He’s made as many baskets as Lutz. Mike drills his first free throw – and his second. Atchley with two tough rebounds that lead to five points – a lay-up and another Abrams 3.

10:17 left, 50-all

What has gotten into Andre Gilbert – and I mean that in a positive way? Abrams is getting going, hitting a deep 3. Jake has taken another step forward tonight after regressing against Baylor. OK, he just had a bad night Saturday. He isn’t having one tonight. There’s Abrams again, and he’s warm. Frank is HOT at ‘Nique right now. I think Bill needs to recognize he doesn’t have it and stop shooting. Atchley nails a 3, and Bill has one more point than Levi. How good has Jacob Pullen been? After that last 3, I saw scouts scribbling in their notebooks. He’s had a heck of a game already – 13 points and four assists.

14:28 left, KSU, 44-39

It’s loud in here, Levi says. I can barely hear him. K-State has gone ahead, and the Wildcats need to build on this. The pace has quickened considerably. What is Kevin Durant talking about? All we can see on press row is the monitor that says Ron and Fran are talking to him. By the way, I’m HUGE Ron and Fran fans. Ron Franklin might be the coolest older gentleman I know, and Fran is a college basketball nut, which I dig.

HALFTIME, 30-all

Augustin is filthy. A nice dish, then a pick of Jake for a layup. They left Fred Brown alone, and he finally hits a 3. He’s going to have those looks the rest of the season.

2:01 left, KSU, 27-26

Frank has done this before and the gamble hasn’t paid off. Bill is back on the floor, but he’s doing the offense-defense thing now with Walker – Gilbert is in for him. Mike makes a pair, and the Wildcats trail by 2. Bill’s back in. Great dish from Jake, a behind-the-back number, but Mike missed the reverse dunk. On the other end, James dribbles baseline but the ball skids off his feet. He misses both. Wangmene swats a Mike offering into the first row – but it’s goaltending. K-State takes the lead on a layup by Pullen, who runs back to the bench with his tongue out. They’re having fun in the stands. Yes, Dad, that’s the Wabash.

3:54 left in 1st half, TEXAS, 25-21

There’s a lot of pride in the house – or should I say a lot of “PROUD”? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I can feel a run coming on. For which team, I’m not sure. But if something is going to happen, it’s going to happen right now. Wow, Frank goes to a zone. Guess he’s not too stubborn. James with a late 3 in the shot clock. How that wasn’t goaltending is amazing. The signs here are ridiculous. It has to be said – Texas underwhelms me. But you have to appreciate Stew tossing it up to Mike, who crams it through and brings the crowd to its feet. Bill with what might have been a phantom foul call. Probably not. James with a lay-in and a foul on Stew. The three-point play is good, and Texas is up seven. Jake hits a 3, and he’s clearly focused. Offensive foul on the Longhorns. Timeout.

8:39 left in 1st half, TEXAS, 18-15

Augustin buries a 3. He’s good. Man, another 3. He’s tough. Timeout, and the fans are riding the officials. Enough. The Wildcats aren’t playing with much energy. The fans have begun throwing things on the court. A peppermint was tossed. Frank is clapping after Bill draws a foul on a drive to the rack. The Longhorns are solid on defense. Bill’s at the line and makes one of two. Ron Anderson with another offensive rebound, which leads to Mike getting a bucket. You’ve got Ron Prince sitting behind us, trying to coax a Clent Stewart 3 in the rim. “Get in there,” he said. It missed, but Mike grabbed the loose change and put it back, drawing a foul. And I think Bob Lutz has a crush on’s Dana O’Neil. I asked him if this was true, and my esteemed colleague nodded his head.

11:41 left, TEXAS, 11-10

It’s Mike’s turn for Head On A Stick Night. Lots of star power in the Bram. Curtis Malone is in the house, and yes, I’ve got it covered. Mike with a follow of a Pullen miss. Wow, a little Ron Anderson hit? He’s checking in with ‘Nique and Stew. Jake with a nice behind the pass dish to Mike, who converts the lay-up. A little bit of complaining on calls, and the Cats are down five. Jake brought his game tonight. He blows by Augustin, slips in between a pair of defenders and goes high off glass. Ron Anderson with another offensive rebound. Stew goes glass for two.

15:59 left, TEXAS, 6-2

I can’t wait to see D.J. Augustin in action. Sorry, sue me. I’ve been informed by Levi that Minnesota G.M. Kevin McHale is joined at the Fred tonight by Zarko Durisic, the Wolves’ director of pro personnel who apparently attended Wichita State. Not to be confused with Darko Milicic, folks, although he could probably take Darko. D.J. with penetration for a deuce. They’ve put Conor Atchley on Mike, and if he does a decent job, Conor might earn some scratch tonight. Mike beats him, and then Conor beats everyone the other way for a dunk. Cats look a little disjointed right now, but as my buddy Nate used to say back in York, Pa., “Dude, it’s sooooo early.” Never mind it was always 1:45 a.m. and the bars closed at 2. Oh, those were the days. D.J. with an absurd reverse that leaves the national folks here in awe. Mike with a steal and then a charge.

8:02 p.m.

Hey, really self-serving here – does anyone know anyone at the Riley County Police Department? If so, e-mail me immediately at OK, back to the game. NBA general managers are out in droves – supposedly 14 in all. I told Steve Kerr I liked his trade, and he looked at me as if I were crazy. I don’t understand why, but that’s what happened. Mike has his game face on, if there is such a thing. Cool scene before the game – Mike came out to shoot, all by himself, and the student section applauded. The clapping subsided, and they started a chant – “One more year! One more year!” Beasley smiled in response. Nice atmosphere here in the Bram. Or the Fred. Can someone clear that up for me? I spoke to Fatima, who can’t wait to meet my Dad. Who knew? By the way, thumbs up for the new uniforms. I like them much better than the cat scratches. They’re simple yet elegant. Like my colleague Bob Lutz.

K-State at Baylor (02/23)

I’ve just been alerted that Mike already has his season average. Aaron Bruce missed a pair of free throws? Consider me shocked. Frank is floored by the sequence he just witnessed – an awful series where it seemed neither team wanted the ball. The Mayor missed a free throw after being fouled on a dunk. Dan Beebe, Tim Weiser’s new boss, is in the house. Howard Richman, sitting to my right, said, “Tim Weiser could be the next commissioner of the Big 12.” Thoughts? Mike just picked up a tacky one before the half. He’s got the Big 12 record for points in a half. I told H.R. he’d get 44. I think I shot low.

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K-State at Nebraska (02/20)

FINAL, NU, 71-64

Great board by Mike – one-armed, falling to the ground. Fatima is in the stands, looking nervous. This is kind of nerve-wracking, even though it was also so utterly predictable. Dribble penetration for Jake, who extended too early on the attempt, apparently bracing for contact. No good, and “The Thunder from Down Under” grabs the rebound. He’s fouled, and Maric hits both free throws. Man, this is tragic. Frank is clapping his hands, trying to pick up Jake, which is nice to see – especially after we’ve seen him berate the freshman guard so often. Everything about Jake’s drive was nice but the finish. And speaking of finishes, it looks like the Wildcats are just that. Mike had a clean look at a 3 that sailed long, and Ryan Anderson was fouled on the rebound. He hits the first, and the Huskers are up 5. He misses the second, but Fred Brown can’t save the ball from going out of bounds. Frank stands and stares with his arms crossed. Not good. This feels so familiar.

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K-State vs. Missouri (02/16)

FINAL, KSU, 100-63

Props to William, who blogged nearly as much as I did during the game in the comments. Nice effort, guy. Did you submit an entry for “Forum Friday”? You might be a natural. Deacon gets two free throws for K-State’s 100th point. Mike Anderson burned a timeout with 1:09 left, down by 38, to get a seldom-used reserve in the game. Nice gesture, I guess. Doesn’t matter, but hey, it is what it is. Did I just quote Brian McNamee? Anyway, nice effort by the Wildcats. Impressive showing. Now it’s a pair on the road, and I don’t a split will do. Speaking of which, wow, what a finish in Waco… Aaron Bruce just pulled a Webber. He called a timeout with no timeouts left. I know, I know – this is a K-State blog.

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At Texas Tech (02/13)

FINAL, TECH, 84-75

Not good. Not good at all. That’s a lot of points.

3:20 left, TECH, 73-68

Mike with the oop. Trapping has helped, but now Zeno is getting going. Fred Brown struggles under the basket, which we’ve seen a time or two before. Pullen with a 3, and they’re back in it. This place, not real loud to start with, has had the life sucked out of it. Jake again. Oh my… Mike misses a wide open 3. Zeno drills his first free throw. And his second. Back to six points. Bill, the second-half hero, picks up his 4th with 4:06 left. He has 18 points in the second half and one foul. Not bad. Roberson misses his first free throw but drains the second. Jake with a drive.

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