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“Forum Friday” – DIY: Build the perfect K-State…

Basketball player.

This week’s participants, defending champion Yosh and a challenger who goes by the name of Slumpbuster, were asked to take the best qualities of past and current Wildcats and construct the ultimate K-State baller.

A little out there, I know, but the contestants were game. Judge for yourself, and don’t forget to vote. “Polls” close Monday afternoon…

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“Forum Friday” will be a little late…

Oh, it’s still on, but I have some morning and early afternoon commitments to attend to – OK, my parents came into K.C. for tonight’s game. I’m having lunch with them and won’t be heading over to the Sprint for a couple of hours. Forgive me for slacking.

And we only have two contestants this week. The third apparently didn’t check his e-mail.

FORUM FRIDAY (03/07): If you were Frank…

This week, the challenge facing our combatants was to envision themselves as Frank Martin and what he might say to Michael Beasley at the end of the season when the Kansas State coach and his star sit down to discuss Beasley’s future.

Anything was a go, but with one caveat – no gratuitous use of the phrase “you know.” But I let it slide once in one case.

Be warned — the defending champ, Wildcat Legend, brought it this week. Interesting approach, and we’ll see how it’s received. His challengers, Yosh and Simpson Sampson, have fascinating takes as well, and I must admit — I laughed several times. But this isn’t about me — it’s about you. Vote on which was most effective, most realistic — whatever. Vote on what moved you. Vote on what you found most interesting. Vote for what you liked. But vote — Wildcat Legend is gunning for a third consecutive week.

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