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Back again with another installment. Last week’s guest, Joseph Duarte, was a little off in his prediction, but really, did anyone see that demolition coming?

We have high hopes for this week’s beat writer, Ryan Wood of the Lawrence Journal-World. You can find his blog here. Love the title, by the way. So much more clever than "K-Stated," but such is life. Guess we’re not creative enough.

Alas, this is what he suspects might happen:

First of all, those of us in Lawrence need to extend a thank-you to
Kansas State. Finally, after four somewhat-boring blowouts, we’ll get
to see a football game worth the price of admission.

I have bounced back and forth on how Saturday’s game is going to play out. I’m not confident in picking either team to win. That’s a sign,
to me, that we’re in for a real treat Saturday in Manhattan.

Here are some bold predictions for Saturday’s game:

1. There will be a special teams score.

2. KU’s Kerry Meier will line up as a wide receiver and complete a pass.

3. Jordy Nelson will have another great game, especially if Kansas is
hard-headed enough to not make adjustments to put Aqib Talib on him
for a large chunk of the game.

Beyond that, I’m just buckling in to enjoy the ride. Early
indications are certainly good, but the Jayhawks has to prove their
worth playing a big-time opponent. They might do it without a
problem. They might not.

Mysteries such as that make this game a tough one to forecast. My
thought is this: Both teams have their share of talent, but the
Jayhawks historically have had an awful time winning road games.
Until that is cured, it’s hard to pick against the Wildcats in this


Prediction: Kansas State 28, Kansas 23. But I could be wrong :)


Something new for y’all.

This is a feature we’re going to get rolling here where an opposing team’s beat writer chimes in with an assessment of what to expect in the weekend’s big game and a prediction. This week’s guest is Joseph Duarte from the Houston Chronicle. You can read J.D.’s work at and his blog can be found here.

This is what he had to say:

Don’t expect Texas to get caught looking ahead to next week’s showdown with third-ranked Oklahoma. The Longhorns say revenge isn’t a motivation after the Wildcats ruined their hopes of a repeat national championship. The ‘Horns are a work in progress and may be the most over-rated 4-0 team in the nation. But they rarely lose at home under coach Mack Brown … and we know K-State’s history in Big 12 openers.

Prediction: Texas 34, Kansas State 24

What do you all think? Want to give him a piece of your mind? Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear it. Next week, with the big game, I’m hoping to have a double dip, but I won’t blow the surprise just yet.