New Kansas State golf coach Grant Robbins says winning championships is his goal

Grant Robbins Grant Robbins said all the standard things when he was formally introduced as the new Kansas State men’s golf coach on Thursday.

He came to K-State from Memphis, his alma mater, in search of a new challenge. His family is excited to move to Manhattan, especially his wife. She is a K-State grad and a Wichita native. He also wants to win championships with the Wildcats.

That’s something most every coach says at his introductory news conference. Everyone aims high. But Robbins is genuinely thinking big. He would never have left Memphis, a school where he spent 11 seasons and reached the NCAA Regionals five times, if he didn’t.

“I was very happy with my previous job,” Robbins said. “I had been there for so long … But this was the perfect fit. I was really happy where I was at, but after sitting down with John (Currie) and seeing what else was going on here it was a very easy decision.”


“As a coach you want to compete at the highest level,” Robbins said. “In the Big 12, you have got Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas. It is such a tremendous golf conference. The resources are here to compete at the highest level.”

K-State has had success in the past. Retiring golf coach Tim Norris guided the Wildcats to the NCAA Regionals five times and Daniel Wood qualified for a regional as an individual this year.

Robbins hopes to recruit more golfers like Wood. He thinks he can consistently bring in better talent than he had at Memphis.

“We will go down and get the best player in Kansas,” Robbins said. “We are going to go into Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. That is kind of going to be our footprint. There is so much talent there. That will be our primary focus. But golf is a global game. We are going to look international as well.”

Still, he hopes to win with players that share qualities with the players he has always coached.

“They have to be a fit,” Robbins said. “The first thing I look for from a recruit is their passion for the game — how much they love it and how much they are willing to work and get better. At Memphis we were taking players and having to develop them. We were taking players that were being overlooked by bigger schools, so we try to find the intangibles.

“I like athletes. I like big, strong kids with good club-head speed. I like to develop those skills. You have to be a little bit creative. At Kansas State we will be able to recruit a higher-level player, hopefully, but we are still going to do the same things.”

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