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Wesley Iwundu tries to high-five teammates after free throws, even when they aren’t there

Wesley Iwundu has been a popular person on the Internet today.

A video of the Kansas State freshman forward giving high-fives to imaginary teammates (they were all on the other end of the court, because of a flagrant foul) following a made free throw has been making the rounds. You can check it out below.

Iwundu seems to be enjoying the attention. He promoted the video on his twitter account Wednesday. And why not? If you’re going to make a push for ESPN’s “Not Top 10″ Plays of the Week, this is a good (and funny) way to do it.

Postgame Thoughts and Player Ratings: Kansas State 60, Texas Tech 56

Three thoughts from Kansas State’s 60-56 victory at Texas Tech on Tuesday:

1. Wesley Iwundu may have smashed through the metaphorical freshman wall.
For much of the season, Welsey Iwundu was one of the most dependable players on K-State’s roster. He never gave the Wildcats 25 points or 15 rebounds, but he rarely made mistakes. He made shots when he was open, he grabbed boards when he could and he made smart passes. He was consistent. Then, his play dropped dramatically. He was so bad against Baylor and TCU that Bruce Weber barely played him and his teammates began privately criticizing his play. He didn’t look much better at Oklahoma. But his old form returned at Texas Tech. He made two clutch free throws after a flagrant foul and he knocked down an off-balance shot while being fouled to give K-State a late lead. And, surprise, the Wildcats won. They are a much better team when Iwundu plays well. Perhaps he is over his slump.
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