Marvin Clark “loved” watching Kansas State defeat Kansas at Bramlage Coliseum

MarvinClark If Kansas State ends up landing Marvin Clark, its 85-82 overtime victory against Kansas on Monday could be a big reason why.

Clark, a three-star small forward from Kansas City who is currently enrolled at Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita, watched the game from the front row while on an unofficial visit. And he had a good time. Such a good time, that he rushed the floor with K-State’s student body when it was over.

“That’s the craziest game I’ve ever been to or been a part of. I loved it,” Clark said Tuesday by phone. “First time I’ve rushed the floor. People were telling me it was going to happen, so when it happened I figured what the heck?”

K-State coach Bruce Weber and associate head coach Chris Lowery have been recruiting Clark since September. This was his third visit to Bramlage Coliseum. He first saw Manhattan on his official visit in the preseason and returned when the Wildcats defeated Mississippi.

He is in no rush to make a college choice, saying he will likely wait until late March to announce his commitment. But he is down to a final five: K-State, Iowa State, Seton Hall, Indiana and Ole Miss.

His top three are (in no particular order): K-State, Iowa State and Seton Hall. He has visited all three campuses and plans to visit Indiana and Ole Miss in the coming weeks.

But he definitely likes the Wildcats, adding that playing near home is a priority.

“It’s a nice place,” Clark said. “They have a very friendly style and approach to the whole organization. The students are cool and easy to talk to. I know most of the players. The coaching staff is made up of really cool, great guys. I really like the school.”

Clark says he can play shooting guard, small forward and power forward, but he wants to play on the wing in college. When asked how he sees himself fitting into K-State’s system, he compares himself to senior Shane Southwell.

For now, he doesn’t know where he will play college basketball. He points out that Seton Hall regularly attracts crowds of “13,000 strong” and that Iowa State has a great home-court advantage.

Still, his latest experience at K-State made an impression.

“I had fun,” Clark said. “But I’m more about consistency. The two games I’ve been to at Kansas State have been crazy, but I want a consistent atmosphere like that every night. If it’s like that every game, that’s a huge plus.”

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