K-State Q&A: The one where we talk about Buffalo Wild Wings, but not its bowl game. Plus Jevon Thomas and Gonzaga

We have been calling this blog entry “Football Friday,” but with more and more people asking about K-State basketball, we decided to switch to “K-State Q&A.”

It’s an appropriate time to switch names. This week, we didn’t get a single question about football.

I assumed we would get at least one about Mighigan quarterback Devin Gardner, who hasn’t practiced since injuring his toe in the final game of the regular season and is questionable for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. It sounds like he will play in some capacity, but backup Shane Morris will be prepared just in case. Gardner put up good numbers this season, but some Michigan fans have been clamoring for Morris, a touted freshman. K-State has prepared for multiple quarterbacks all season. This will be no different.

Now on to your questions. Thanks, as always, for asking them.

This is a fantastic question. I hope the fine people at Buffalo Wild Wings set up a pregame eating competition so we can find out. But for now, let’s speculate. At 345 pounds, defensive tackle Chris Brown weighs more than anyone else on the K-State football roster. So he figures to be a contender. Every member of the offensive line can probably eat their fair share of wings, too. I could see Cornelius Lucas or Cody Whitehair eating 20-plus. Ryan Mueller also strikes me as the type of person who would go all-out to win a wing-eating contest. But let’s not rule out the skinny players, either.

Go check out the Major League Eating rankings. Yes, that is a real thing. You have to go all the way to No. 12 to find a fat guy. So maybe someone like freshman defensive back Chance Pitcock, who weighs a team-low 165 pounds, could out-eat everyone. Or maybe it’s someone like Jack Cantele or Tramaine Thompson. It would be fascinating to watch. I like to think the winner could eat 35 wings.

Feel free to make fun of me, but I usually go with Medium or Sweet BBQ. I can’t eat more than a bite or two of wings covered in blazing hot sauce. And the crazy sauces like Mango Habanero don’t interest me.

I don’t think Weber is trying to pull a fast one over Gonzaga by saying he won’t play Thomas, a freshman point guard who is just now being cleared to play, on Saturday. He emphatically said earlier this week that he is not going to play someone who hasn’t practiced all year, no matter how talented the player is. So I wouldn’t count on him taking the floor against Gonzaga. Would it kill K-State to use him purely as a ball-handler and defensive stopper for a few minutes? Probably not. But as one source explained to me, “without practicing, any success he would have would be dumb luck.” Thomas will probably start at point guard this season, but it will take him at least a few weeks to get acclimated to K-State’s system.

K-State wants to play regular season games at the Sprint Center again regardless of Wichita attendance. Playing in Kansas City gives one of K-State’s largest alumni bases an easy chance to watch a game and it gives K-State a chance to play in the Sprint Center before the Big 12 Tournament. K-State also likes to recruit in Kansas City, so that’s a plus. And the coaching staff enjoyed beating Florida in KC last year. The location of future neutral-court games depends more on the opponents K-State can line up. Ideally, the Wildcats would play a game in Wichita and Kansas City every season. But that would require two return trips (road/neutral) every year. Throw in the new Big12/SEC challenge and an early season tournament, and that doesn’t leave a lot of space for home games. Bruce Weber has talked about rotating neutral-court games between Kansas City and Wichita on a yearly basis. That might be the direction they decide to go.

On a side note: It doesn’t sound like attendance for Saturday’s game at Intrust Bank Arena will rival the capacity crowd that turned out for the West Virginia game two years ago. There will be empty seats. If attendance is poor, that could hurt Wichita’s chances of bringing K-State back for regular visits.

I doubt it. Let’s say Jevon Thomas reaches full speed and enters the starting lineup during Big 12 play. In that scenario, Will Spradling probably moves to shooting guard, Marcus Foster plays on the wing, Shane Southwell moves to the four and Thomas Gipson stays at the five.