Is Kansas State headed for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl or the Holiday Bowl? A Sugar Bowl executive will provide the answer

As strange as it may sound, a New Orleans man in a blazer will decide Kansas State’s bowl destination.

The Wildcats face two possibilities:

1. The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, which will be played against a Big 10 opponent (possibly Nebraska) on Dec. 28 in Tempe, Ari.

2. The Holiday Bowl, which will be played against a Pac-12 team (potentially Arizona State) on Dec. 30 in San Diego.

K-State could end up in either game, but the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl seems like the current favorite. That’s a drastic shift from a few days ago, when K-State appeared destined for the Holiday Bowl. The bowl’s executive director said it was planning on selecting the Wildcats. But the dominoes of college football have fallen in a way that may bump K-State up to one of the Big 12′s top four bowls.

First Norther Illinois lost in the MAC championship game, opening up a BCS at-large spot for a Big 12 team. Then Oklahoma made its case for a BCS bowl by beating Oklahoma State. Then Baylor won the Big 12 championship and a spot in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now the Sugar Bowl has a choice. Does it take Oklahoma or Oregon with its final at-large selection?

If it selects Oklahoma, every Big 12 team outside the BCS will move up a slot. K-State, for example, could jump from the Big 12′s No. 5 bowl (Holiday) to the Big 12′s No. 4 bowl (Buffalo Wild Wings). If the Sugar Bowl selects Oregon, the original bowl projections will stand.

Simply put: if Oklahoma plays in the Sugar Bowl, K-State is likely headed to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. If Oregon plays in the Sugar Bowl, K-State is likely destined for the Holiday Bowl.

Oregon is ranked ahead of Oklahoma in the BCS standings, but the Sooners have a larger fan base than the Ducks. Oklahoma is also a lot closer to New Orleans than Oregon. So it won’t be an easy choice. Bowl announcements will become official at about 7:45 p.m. on Sunday.

But Berry Tramel, of the Oklahoman, reports that New Orleans sources have told him the Sugar Bowl is planning on selecting a Big 12 team if one is available.

Most projections have Oklahoma facing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and K-State playing Nebraska in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

If that scenario plays out, two former Big Eight and Big 12 rivals will meet at Sun Devils Stadium later this month.

It would also be a game of evenly matched teams. Nebraska went 8-4 this season and finished in a tie for second in the Big Ten’s Legends division. K-State went 7-5 and finished fifth in the Big 12.

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