Football Friday: All about Iowa State

It’s time for another Football Friday. Who else is excited?

Kansas State has a big sports weekend coming up. The men’s basketball team takes on Pittsburg State in its lone exhibition game tonight. Then the football team takes on Iowa State at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Speaking of Iowa State, most of the questions (as always, thank you for submitting them) this week revolve around the Cyclones, so let’s get to them.

Any shot at an upset starts with an early lead. The Cyclones fell way behind in their last two games and had no shot from there. They played Texas Tech and Texas tough through halftime and were in both of those games late. Iowa State, at 1-6, is a team low on confidence. At this point, its players look like they are waiting for something bad to happen. But the longer they stay in the game, the more confidence they will have. Beyond that, Iowa State will need to create turnovers. Its defense isn’t good enough to win games without a few of those. It is allowing more than 217 rushing yards per game, but teams are also throwing for 260 yards per game against it. Iowa State is allowing more than 50 points per game against Big 12 competition. If K-State takes care of business, it will win this game. But if it commits penalties and turns the ball over it could be close.

The conference usually announces that schedule after the regular season is over. I would expect to see it in December.

I think most schools in the Big 12 have a soft spot for Iowa State fans. They travel so well to bowl games and the Big 12 Tournament and always support their teams at home games, all while the Cyclones rarely contend for championships. They had two great basketball teams around 2000, but the football team has never reached those heights. Other programs (Texas Tech basketball, Texas basketball, Kansas football) lose fan support during down years. That doesn’t happen at Iowa State. Aside from blaming the officials after every close defeat, they are a very likable fan base.

That’s a glass half-full/half-empty question. It all depends on how you see it. The old Cyclone logo is clearly half giant bird, half natural disaster. Looks like the combo packs a pretty mean punch, too. Its mascot at games is 100 percent bird. But I have also heard tornado sirens at Jack Trice Stadium. So, again, it is really up to you to decide. Maybe Iowa State has been trying to distance itself from the confusion over the years with its new I-State logo.

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