Daily Archives: Oct. 26, 2013

Madness in Manhattan was a success, but will it be back next year?

Madness in Manhattan ran longer than expected last night, so I had to file my story from the event before it ended to meet our print deadline.

Here a few more notes worth passing along.

– Overall, Madness in Manhattan was a success. An estimated crowd of 5,500 turned out for the basketball kickoff party, and fans lined up in long lines before the doors opened at Bramlage Coliseum to get the best seats.

K-State has held October basketball celebrations sporadically in the past. If the dates line up and the Wildcats can have a basketball night on Friday followed by a home football game on Saturday, they consider it. If not, they don’t worry about it.

This was the first Madness in Manhattan of the Bruce Weber era. Does he want to turn it into a yearly event?

“It’s a hard thing,” Weber said. “You obviously don’t make any money from it. It’s more of a fan-friendly thing. The players like it. It’s good for recruiting. We will see. If they want to keep doing it and they are going to be creative, it’s all right.”
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