Football Friday: The Big 12′s best ranting coaches, Jake Waters, Daniel Sams, Robert Rose and the challenge of Oklahoma State

It’s time for another Football Friday.

Kansas State will take on Oklahoma State in the classic Big 12 game of the Week time slot at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday in Stillwater. Both teams are coming off road losses, so this game will be crucial to both teams.

Thanks again for all the questions. Let’s get to them:

This might be my favorite Football Friday question yet. The Big 12 has witnessed some epic coaching rants in recent years. We all remember Mark Mangino bringing up dollar signs. Bo Pelini was probably the all-time best ranter. I mean, he was always ranting about something, even Nebraska fans. Mike Leach once blamed a loss on his players’ “fat little girlfriends.” That was probably the best single rant. It was funny and he didn’t criticize officials. Alas, those three coaches are no longer in the Big 12. Of the current 10 coaches in the league, the top-ranter award has to go to Mike Gundy.

There have been better rants. But “I’m a man! I’m 40!” has become an iconic quote.

See what I mean? And the Cowboys have been on an absolute tear since. Before the rant, Gundy was 13-15 at Oklahoma State. The Cowboys have gone 57-21 since. You can’t argue with results.

Paul Rhoads had a strong rant last night after a tough loss to Texas. He was emotional in a good way. He definitely ranks in the top half of the Big 12′s ranting coaches. Other good ones: Bob Stoops (everything he says about the SEC becomes news) Charlie Weis (though his rants all seem to paint Kansas in a bad light) and Dana Holgorsen (he isn’t afraid to speak his mind).

I don’t see that happening. Bill Snyder likes running quarterbacks, because they create a numbers advantage on offense. You snap the ball to the quarterback and he runs behind 10 blockers instead of handing the ball off to a running back who runs behind nine blockers while the quarterback watches. Using Sams and Waters in that formation would create a surprise element, but the offense would be down a blocker, and, in Snyder’s mind, the advantage would be gone. That being said, I would like to see the formation.

I agree with you. K-State’s play-calling has been sub-par. Jake Waters didn’t throw enough in the loss to North Dakota State and Daniel Sams didn’t run or pass enough against Texas. I think the Wildcats have struggled to find their offensive identity, which has led to indecision. And the coaching staff gave up on Sams and the running game too early against Texas. With two weeks to plan for Oklahoma State, maybe K-State devised a gameplan it is confident in and will stay committed to.

This is what I get for asking for questions of any kind. Write your congressman, I guess.

I like the idea of using Robert Rose as a change-of-pace running back. Good things have happened (5.1 yards per carry) when he’s touched the ball this season. He deserves a handful of carries each game based on his speed alone. But I don’t see it happening. K-State seems committed to John Hubert, with Jake Waters and Daniel Sams as secondary running options.

If K-State isn’t going to use Daniel Sams in a true quarterback rotation, and continues to pull him off the bench for a few plays each game, it might be time to let him see limited time at a different position. He has played both receiver and running back before. And he is one of the team’s top offensive weapons. The problem with moving Sams around is it increases the risk of an injury. If he gets injured and then Waters gets injured, K-State’s offense is in a world of hurt. I don’t see Snyder taking that risk. If K-State wants to use him more, and it should, it should let him see more time at quarterback.

Oklahoma State just lost to West Virginia, which was coming off a shutout loss to Maryland. So, yes, of course K-State has a chance on Saturday. That being said, there is a reason why the Wildcats are 14-point underdogs. Oklahoma State tops K-State in nearly every statistical category (the Cats are better at time of possession, passing efficiency and kick/punt returns) and looked like the class of the Big 12 before its meltdown at West Virginia. The Mountaineers won that game by throwing a lot of blitzes at J.W. Walsh and coming up with three turnovers. The Wildcats also need to win the turnover battle, but that’s not something they have done well this season. Bill Snyder has also historically failed against ranked opponents with an unranked team. He only has two wins in that scenario: at Nebraksa in 2003 and vs. Baylor in 2011. K-State is also winless in Stillwater since 1999. On paper, at least, this is not a good matchup for K-State.

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