Collin Klein impresses Texans coach Gary Kubiak, but doesn’t get contract

The way Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak praised Collin Klein over the weekend, it sounded like the former Kansas State quarterback was on his way to signing a free-agent contract with the NFL team.

“I tell you what, it was impressive,” Kubiak told reporters when asked about Klein’s weekend performance. “I’m fixing to go up and have a long talk with him. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but to watch how far the guy came in two and a half days; (he) really played probably his best day out here today. He’s found a way his whole career, and he’s probably going to find a way this time, too.”

Klein will have to find a way with another NFL team, as it turns out. The Texans didn’t offer Klein a contract, and he left Houston still in search of a NFL home.

Those who watched the Texans’ rookie camp indicated Klein got off to a slow start, but showed rapid improvement.

“He’s got a ton (of talent),” Kubiak said. “For what he did in college and what Jake (Plummer) has been doing with him, he’s come a long way, as far as working under center and stuff. The arm strength is there. The delivery is a little different but you work with that. But his instincts as a football player you can’t coach; the way he just takes off and stuff like that.”

Though Klein would have no doubt preferred to receive a contract offer, he has time to try and catch on elsewhere. That might not be a bad thing. The Texans have four quarterbacks — Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, Case Keenum and Stephen McGee. Klein would have faced stiff competition trying to make the roster.

Perhaps he will be more successful with another NFL team.

“I think this kid’s going to beat the bushes and he’s going to figure out a way,” Kubiak said. “I’m very impressed with him.”

Chris Harper catching on in Seattle

By all accounts, Chris Harper is off to a quality start with the Seattle Seahawks.

(You can see him talk about his experience here)

The former K-State receiver is already getting positive reviews from Seattle’s receivers coach Kippy Brown.

“Chris has really strong hands and for a big guy he’s very athletic,” Brown told reporters. “It’s just a matter of him learning. We’ve thrown a lot at these guys in two days’ time. I’m sure their heads are swimming. My head was swimming when I first got here.

“But he’s studying hard and he’s getting it. As he gets more comfortable with it, he’ll play faster and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Meshak Williams, Arthur Brown together again

Kansas State’s two best defensive players from last season will reunite in Baltimore.

Defensive end Meshak Williams signed a free-agent contract with the Ravens after going undrafted and impressing at the team’s rookie camp. He will join Brown, a second-round pick, in training camp.

We might see them making tackles together again in preseason games.