Daily Archives: April 24, 2013

Anthony Cantele may not get drafted, but he will get a shot at the NFL

The NFL Draft doesn’t end until Saturday afternoon, but former Kansas State kicker Anthony Cantele already knows of at least a few teams that won’t be picking him.

That’s the kind of foresight that comes from NFL scouts and assistant coaches calling you to say, “We won’t draft you.”

Cantele says he has been receiving a lot of those calls lately. But they aren’t nearly as bad as they sound. Before hanging up, each caller expresses their interest in signing Cantele to a free-agent contract after the draft. Most rookies have to go that route before earning a roster spot. NFL teams rarely use draft picks on kickers.

For that reason, Cantele is prepared for anything this weekend. If he gets drafted, great. If he doesn’t get selected, that’s fine, too. No matter what, he knows he will have the opportunity to compete for a kicking job next season.
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