Bill Snyder says “college athletics, particularly football” is “in a bad place”

Bill Snyder made some interesting comments on the state of college football during an interview with Kansas City radio station 610 AM on Wednesday.

The long-time Kansas State football coach said college athletics is “in a bad place right now,” before adding that he might have pursued a different career had things been this way years ago.

“College athletics, particularly football, has changed dramatically throughout my career,” Snyder told the radio station, according to a transcript from CBS Sports reporter Dennis Dodd. “I think it’s in a bad place right now. It’s in a bad place for a variety of reasons. We’ve allowed it to become money driven. We’ve allowed it to become TV driven. We’ve allowed athletic programs or football programs to mean more to a university than what the university is really supposed to be all about.”

He later added: “The last I heard we were educational institutions. Certainly there is an education that takes place in football and I understand all the parameters, but it’s not driven by values, it’s driven by dollars and cents.”

Those type of comments aren’t all that surprising from Snyder.

He regularly says he is against conference realignment and still adamantly argues that the Big 12 should be split into two divisions with a championship game rather than the current round-robin scheduling format. He prefers nonconference games to be played at home. And he likes games that are played in the middle of the afternoon. Early games discourage fans from driving in for games and night games put a burden on countless people. He doesn’t like that.

Anyone who follows his weekly news conferences during the season has heard him make those arguments countless times.

Still, he doesn’t always sound as passionate as he did Wednesday.

When asked if the current state of college athletics made Snyder consider how much longer he wanted to continue coaching, Snyder replied: “You’re not too far away. You’re absolutely right.”

Snyder signed a new five-year contract that runs through 2018 a few months ago. But the contract rolls over yearly, so he can essentially continue coaching at K-State for as long as he wants.

“It remains to be seen,” Snyder said of his future. “If I’m healthy enough … The most significant thing is whether I’m being productive or not. If I feel like I’m not being productive here I certainly wouldn’t stay in this position.”

That is the same explanation he gave when he signed his new contract. Nothing new there.

One thing is for sure: Snyder doesn’t like where college athletics is heading.

“We didn’t grow up with it being the way it is right now,” Snyder said. “Maybe we’re just hard-pressed to accept change. We’ve been moving in a wrong direction and I hope somebody can help put the brakes on at some point in time.”