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Fiesta Bowl Countdown: A statistical look at Oregon’s only loss

When the Oregon Ducks won football games this season, they did so convincingly.

Their average margin of victory was more than 32 points. Of their 11 wins, all but two came by more than 20 points. USC gave them the best game during that stretch, losing 62-51 at home.

There were moments, such as a 49-0 blowout of Arizona (which was ranked at the time), that Oregon looked like the best team in the country. If college football started its four-team playoff this postseason, it might still have a chance to prove that it is.

Instead, the Ducks are in the same position as Kansas State. One off night — a 17-14 overtime loss to Stanford — sent them to the Fiesta Bowl.

So what happened against the Cardinal? Here’s a statistical look:
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