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Fiesta Bowl Countdown: Tickets are cheaper, easier to come by this season

At this time last year, Kansas State and Arkansas fans without Cotton Bowl tickets had to be worried. The Cotton Bowl had been sold out for a long time, and the tickets being sold online were going for very high prices.

The cheapest ticket available on the secondary market was about $220. And that was for a bad seat.

Lower-level seats near midfield were going for three or four times that amount. I seem to remember suites going for more than $10,000.

Of course, that game was at Cowboys Stadium, where everything is bigger and more expensive. The game also featured a SEC team coming off an impressive season. All things considered, it was a hot ticket.

Demand is still high for seats at the Fiesta Bowl, but tickets are much more affordable. A quick search on Stubhub.com reveals tickets are going for $90 in the upper levels. And tickets in the lower bowl behind the end zones are going for about $150.

There are still expensive tickets, but that is the case for all games. Seats near the 50-yard line in the lower bowl are going for about $400 and club level seats near midfield are closer to $600.
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