The Royal Sampler: K-State gets no love from mock selection committee, K-State Mask jumps the shark and links

Kansas State is used to getting overlooked by the BCS, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Wildcats were left out of a mock playoff selection performed by Sports Illustrated this week.

Still, it was a bit shocking to learn they weren’t even considered.

The news outlet gathered up 11 athletic directors and asked them to select the four teams that would play in college football’s new four-team playoff if it was being put into action this year instead of 2014. They settled on Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida and Oregon. They also selected four other teams worth considering: Oregon, LSU, Texas A&M and Stanford.

Stunningly, that meant Kansas State — a recent No. 1 team and the presumptive 11-1 Big 12 champion — did not make the committee’s top eight. Most members could not get past the Wildcats’ 52-24 drubbing by then 4-5 Baylor.

“Even though they [have] one loss, it’s a nasty loss,” said Moos. “That’s why I left them out. The other ones we’re talking about are overtime losses and tough opponents.”

“I just think Texas A&M and Oregon would beat ‘em,” Smith said of the Wildcats. Asked if he would have said that even before the Baylor loss, Smith replied: “Yep, I would have.”

Demonstrating just how thin the difference is between teams, Stricklin noted, “If Pittsburgh had made that [33-yard] field goal in overtime, I don’t know how strong Notre Dame would be in this conversation. Kansas State and Notre Dame both have road wins at Oklahoma and both have good wins, but Kansas State lost to a .500 team basically, and Pittsburgh would have been similar for Notre Dame.”

K-State is currently ranked sixth in the BCS standings. The selection committee, though, ranks it no higher than ninth. Of course, the selection committee and the playoff bracket it filled out are fake. So there isn’t much for fans to be upset about. Or does that make it worse?

Whatever the case, the article is interesting, and goes to show how difficult it will be for college football’s future selection committee to choose the nation’s top four teams. And how damaging one loss can potentially be.


Predator makes an appearance in the latest K-State Mask video. I think it’s safe to say he has officially jumped the shark.

Finishing strong with a win over Texas would mean a lot to K-State. It might also help this team stick out from some of the others Bill Snyder has coached.

– K-State hasn’t had to worry about its bowl destination much this season. One team that still has no idea where it’s going: West Virgina. Here’s hoping the Mountaineers end up in New York. If someone has to go to the Pinstripe Bowl, it should be a team close enough to enjoy the trip.

– Was he a candidate for the job at Colorado? No one knows. But former K-State assistant and KU coach Mark Mangino wants everyone to think he was by asking for his name to be taken out of consideration for the job.

– Whether you miss the Big 12 championship game or not, the conference has found a way to stay relevant in early December without it.

– K-State commit Tanner Wood was named Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Kansas yesterday.