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The Royal Sampler: Travis Tannahill’s lucky shirt, football predictions, K-State’s latest pump-up video and links

Kansas State tight end Travis Tannahill is a superstitious guy.

He grows his beard out every November, he tries to cut his hair as little as possible during the football season and he never changes or washes his gameday shirt when the Wildcats are on a winning streak.

That means the light blue dress shirt Tannahill wore to the season-opener (K-State players wear suits to every game) is the same shirt he will wear to Saturday’s game at TCU. He sported it to K-State’s football news conference this week, and proudly showed off the stains (and good luck) it has picked up since September.

“The only superstition I’ve got going is the shirt. It never gets washed,” Tannahill said. “I wear the same shirt every week … This shirt is the lucky shirt. It’s got some stains on there, but won’t get washed, hopefully, until the end of the year.”

Tannahill says hopefully, because he will reluctantly wash it should K-State lose.

The last time I heard this type of superstition, I was at a rodeo. Bull-riders are also very particular about when their jeans get washed. If they have a few successful rides in a row, they think their jeans are lucky. It piles up on the denim like dirt. No matter how dirty they get, you can’t wash them. That would wash the luck off.

If Tannahill’s shirt is that lucky, he doesn’t want to touch it. No matter how it feels or smells, he doesn’t want to mess with an undefeated season. Even if it means he has to sit by himself on the bus ride to games.
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