Collin Klein gets a food challenge

First came the nicknames. Now comes the food challenge.

The above picture pretty much says it all. Purple Swirl, a frozen yogurt restaurant in Manhattan, is trying to capitalize on Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein’s popularity with the Honey Badger Challenge. For $15 you get the chance to eat 48 ounces of frozen yogurt in 15 minutes. If you accomplish the feat you get a $5 gift card, a T-shirt, your face on the challenge’s hall of fame and the right to call yourself a bona fide Honey Badger.

The only rule is that you have to remain seated the whole time.

If you come up short, you still get some recognition for coming close.

Though Klein’s name will have to come down from the restaurant’s window (It is against NCAA rules for businesses to profit from a student-athlete’s name or likeness. That’s why college jerseys don’t come with names on the back) it is an interesting challenge.

When I asked about it earlier this week, Purple Swirl employees said it was a new idea and had only been attempted three times. All three challengers ate the required 48 ounces of frozen yogurt, but only two did so in the allotted 15-minute window.

Klein chuckled about the food challenge when I asked him about it yesterday. He didn’t know anything about it, but said he might check it out this week. Why not? He certainly has a Collin Klein-sized appetite.