Meet West Virginia senior Joe Madsen: The best quote at Big 12 Media Days

When I saw his beard and mohawk, I figured West Virginia offensive lineman Joe Madsen had the potential to be a good quote.

Then I started talking to him and quickly learned he was much more than that. In my mind, he was the best quote at Big 12 Media Days this week.

When asked what Big 12 fans can expect during their first visits to Morgantown, here is how he replied: “Bigger mohawks and just more energy than ever.”

If Madsen is representative of all the West Virginians we will encounter during their stint in the Big 12, we are in for one entertaining ride. He is more fired up for the upcoming season than the Mountaineers’ mascot, who he hangs out with from time to time.

“He has let me shoot the musket a couple times,” Madsen said.

They look alike, too. Although he says everyone looks like he does in West Virginia.

“They maybe have bigger beards, though,” Madsen said. “I can’t grow a mustache. If I could, I would have a bigger beard, too. But I just can’t. It doesn’t look good, so I cut it off.”

He is thrilled about taking that look into Big 12 stadiums for the first time.

“Every game is going to be like a bowl game for me,” Madsen said. “It’s all brand new. It’s going to be filled with great experiences.”

He can’t wait for opposing fans to experience West Virginia home games, either.

“Our fans are ruthless and they are awesome all at the same time,” Madsen said. “They are ready for the big games to start.”