Cotton Bowl Countdown: My prediction

Well, here we are. It’s been a month since we got the Cotton Bowl Countdown started with the promise to blog every single day leading up tonight’s game, and (amazingly) you guys helped me come up with enough ideas to deliver.

It’s been a good run. Thanks so much to everyone who e-mailed in suggestions. They were awesome. I couldn’t use them all, but I considered every idea that hit my inbox. Even though the countdown is coming to an end, feel free to continue hitting me up with non Cotton Bowl ideas at Let’s keep a good thing going.

Anyway, as you can tell from the headline on this blog I am going to give you my prediction for the Cotton Bowl. We’ve covered pretty much every angle of the game. The only thing left is to sit back and watch to see who wins.

I think Kansas State comes out on top. It will be close, as all the Wildcats’ games have, but I think they will win 30-28.

Arkansas is a strong team, easily on par with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. It could be the best team K-State has faced. Beating the Razorbacks will be a challenge, but with Collin Klein and John Hubert well rested and healthy for the first time in weeks, I expect the Wildcats to have success running the ball.

Anytime that happens, they have a good chance at winning. A key to the game will be K-State’s pass rush. Tyler Wilson and Jarius Wright are legit. If the Wildcats can’t put pressure on Wilson, they will connect for big passing plays all night long.

We’ll see what happens. This is a top 10 matchup that Arkansas enters as a touchdown favorite, but it could go either way.

K-State has walked into that type of game all season and had success. No reason to think that trend ends today.