Deleted scene from Oklahoma State game

You know how directors throw deleted scenes into their movies when they release them on DVD, and you can find out what the film could have looked like by watching them in the special features section?

Kansas State co-offensive coordinator Dana Dimel did something very similar to that on Tuesday.

When a reporter asked him to relive the final moments of the Wildcats’ 52-45 loss at Oklahoma State, which came down to the final play of the game, he said K-State would have sent the game to overtime or won on a two-point conversion … If only it had enough to time to audible into its desired play.

The way Dimel tells it, after looking at Oklahoma State’s defense quarterback Collin Klein was supposed to check off to a run instead of the pass he sent just over the outstretched arms of Tramaine Thompson in the end zone. But the play clock got in the way.

“It was right there and it was frustrating because we had a play called on the last play of the game,” Dimel said. “We had a play called that was going to be a very successful play. We had it checked.

“Collin went to check to it and the clock was running down. He didn’t have the chance to get to the play that we wanted to get to. If we would have gotten to it, ideally we would have scored.”

What was the name of the desired play? What direction would Klein have gone after taking the snap? Dimel won’t say, and neither will Klein.

But Klein remembers that final play all too well. He thinks about more than he probably should.

“It was a hard deal. We were trying to check it. We had something like 5 seconds left,” Klein said. “It was one of those things where you toss a coin. Do you take a delay of game and maybe make it a little harder on yourself? Do you run the play you had and try to make a play? It’s one of those judgment calls that could probably be debated for years.”