Cotton Bowl Countdown: Happy New Year!

So I made it to Texas along with my pal Tony Adame, who will be helping me out with Cotton Bowl coverage all week. We’re having fun so far, but it doesn’t look like we’re having as much fun as Kansas State defensive lineman Raphael Guidry.

The senior passed along the above photo earlier today with the caption “I think I’m in love!!!!”

Looks like the start of an exciting week for the Wildcats.

Editor’s Note: On Jan. 6, the Kansas State football team will face Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. With that in mind, I began counting down to the big game in Cowboys Stadium on Dec. 6 by attempting to write 31 blog posts in 31 days. I use the word “attempting” because I can only think of so many blog ideas at the moment. I’m confident that I can go 31 for 31, but your help is appreciated. Feel free to send a blog idea (or two) my way at