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Will K-State play in Wichita again next year? Game promoter certainly hopes so

When asked for his thoughts on how the Kansas State basketball team’s first trip to Intrust Bank Arena went last week, Idol Sports & Entertainment director John Hines had nothing but good things to say.

His company organized the game and worked with K-State and West Virginia to turn it into reality. With a sellout crowd of more than 15,000 packing the building and creating a terrific basketball atmosphere, he is hopeful the Wildcats will want to play in Wichita again as soon as next year.

“From Idol Sports Standpoint the event went very well for first attempt,” Hines said via e-mail. “As with any event there are issues with the Arena and some of our marketing campaigns that can always be improved on.

“But what really helped was the way the Wichita Sports Commission, gowichita.com folks, and positive media will help us convince K-State to return to Wichita very soon. Although the outcome of the game was not what K-State was hoping to achieve I do believe they saw enough from the atmosphere to consider a return.

“Idol will approach the team this week and see if a return game will be in the cards for 2012, but we are holding out hope it is. The only downside is I am not sure how we can repeat such an amazing game with two very good, very well coached teams.”

K-State basketball coach Frank Martin is working with athletic director John Currie to figure out when, and how often, the Wildcats should return to Wichita. The game could turn into an every-year tradition, become an every-other-year trip or only occur sporadically.

But Martin has said his team will be back at some point for another game.

“How could I say no after the way this city embraced us?” Martin said last week. “We’ve got to find a way to make it work.”

Cotton Bowl Countdown: Virginia Tech struggling to sell Sugar Bowl tickets

When the Sugar Bowl invited Virginia Tech to play in its January football game instead of Boise State and Kansas State last week, fans of both the Broncos and Wildcats were angry. Their teams finished higher in the final BCS standings than the Hokies, and appeared to be better fits for an at-large BCS bid.

But they were left out.

Why? Well, that’s part of the reason fans were (and still are) angry about the snub. Sugar Bowl representatives said part of the reason they picked Virginia Tech was because of its ability to sell a lot of tickets and bring a huge crowd to New Orleans.

A bold move considering K-State sold out its allotment of Cotton Bowl tickets before it even knew what bowl it was headed to, and has benefited from fans traveling in record numbers to past Cotton Bowls and Fiesta Bowls.

So far, it looks like Virginia Tech isn’t living up to its reputation. From the Washington Post:

Virginia Tech is struggling to sell out its Sugar Bowl allotment of 17,500 tickets, and the school is acknowledging that if sales continue to lag, it could affect the Hokies’ reputation as a college football program that travels well to bowl games.

On Monday morning, Virginia Tech confirmed it had sold 9,337 tickets so far and announced a proxy program under which fans who don’t plan on going to New Orleans could buy tickets that would then be donated to military personnel and New Orleans charity organizations.

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